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5 Super Easy Ways To Manage Anxiety

The coronavirus has caused a worldwide mental health crisis. Here are some tips on getting help without losing all of your money.

The coronavirus has affected our lives and state of mind in unprecendented ways. While some people who’ve struggled with anxiety and depression throughout their lives are experiencing these symptoms with more regularity, the coronavirus has acted as an inciting incident for people who’ve never struggled with mental health issues.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression tend to become the center of people’s lives, not leaving much room for other thoughts and behaviors. When in lockdown and with so much time on your hands you may find it hard to do any of the things you’d expect to love to do in your ordinary life, such as watching TV, reading a book or cooking a delicious meal.

Here are 5 super easy ways to manage anxiety.


How To Find The CBD Dosage That's Best For You
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While not suited for people who need immediate relief from depression or anxiety, CBD products can be used for relieving a variety of symptoms as long as you commit yourself to the product and are patient. CBD works differently depending on the user; some people experience instant relief while others only notice a difference after using the compound for a significant amount of time. Here’s a list of products that can work for beginners.

Meditation apps

Meditation apps are helpful for those who need some orientation with meditating or don’t have the habit formed. Quarantine is the perfect time to take up this habit, which will show benefits after you’ve practiced it continuously for a good amount of time.

National hotlines

5 Accessible Ways To Manage Anxiety
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Due to the pandemic, mental health hotlines are experiencing a sharp rise in usage across the country. Check with your local government for hotlines and resources they’re providing, with the closer to home it is the better, since the pandemic is affecting states in different ways.


For people who are used to going to therapy, the coronavirus has eliminated that resource from them. Fortunately, there’s been a huge rise in Zoom, FaceTime, TokBox and more, between mental health workers and patients. Speak with your therapist and set some ground rules, such as taking your therapy seriously or getting dressed for your sessions. If you have no therapy, check your insurance plan or use a resource like TalkSpace, an app that connects you to a therapist through video and text.

Use crisis text lines

threesome apps are real but do they work
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Crisis text lines are also on the rise, helping those who feel more comfortable expressing themselves over text or who find texting a quicker and easier method. Crisis Text Line connects you with a counselor who’ll help you come up with a plan that’ll suit your needs and personality type.


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