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5 Ways To Add Cannabis To Outdoor Summer Fun

As another summer is upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere), folks are flocking outdoors for fun in the sun. According to a survey by the National Recreation and Park Association, the top three outdoor summer time activities in America includes having a barbecue or picnic, going out for a hike, and going to the beach. But those are hardly the only things Americans will be doing this summer. Since cannabis and the outdoors are a perfect pairing, here are some ways to get high while enjoying your favorite summer pastimes.


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You’ve been working hard all winter and spring and you’re ready to chillax, maybe read a book and work on that tan. Since you’re going to lounge around, why not have an edible and mix that all body high with the warm rays of the sun?


Summer means long warm days and plenty of time to get out on the trails for some exercise and up-close time with Mother Nature. Vaporize some invigorating sativa to give you the boost to push up the hills and the heady high will make you appreciate your natural surroundings more.

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Pack up the tent and the rest of the camping gear and hit the road. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind with a bowl of your favorite bud in a pipe easy to pass around the camp fire. Remember to leave no trace when you’re ready to come back to that city life.


Summer weather is a great excuse to invite people over, grill up your favorite foods, and showcase your killer potato salad. Usually a casual affair, the occasion calls for a passable joint. Don’t forgot to show the cook working the grill some love!


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Whether it’s laying out in the sun, building sand castles, taking a dip in the water, or running with your bro along the beach, the coast has something for everyone. A recent survey by travel site Trip Advisor found that the most popular trip this summer is going to the beach, with 22% respondents planning a trip to the water’s edge. If you’re going to be out in the sun, opt for an infused beverage and get both high and hydrated. Powder packs that dissolve in your favorite drink or water are especially handy, since they don’t take up precious cooler space.

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Whatever you find yourself doing outdoors this summer, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun and dehydration, nothing ruins a summer vacation like a heat stroke or bad sunburn.


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