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5 Ways To Create An In-Home Spa Experience, Including CBD

While you can’t replicate the experience of a spa, you can fix up your bathroom and spend a couple of relaxing hours in there.

If there’s an ideal time for a relaxing day spent in the spa, it’s right now. Sadly, with the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines, it’s gonna be a while before you can scratch that itch with some peace of mind, which is why you’re going to have to settle with the next best thing: a make-do at home spa.

While the experience of being pampered by professionals is not one that can be easily replicated, there are ways of making your bathroom more comfortable for a relaxing couple of hours.

Here’s what you can do to create an in-home spa experience. Just remember to put a scrunchie or sock on the door so that your roommates, kids or partners don’t come barreling in.

Set the mood

Gather all of the tools you need. Speakers, nice candles, oil diffusers, towels, etc., moving them to your bathroom. Before you get started, make sure to clean everything and to make it look as nice as possible, since this will affect your mood and relaxed state. You also don’t want to lay down on a dirty bathtub, because now’s not the time for some kind of infection.

Try to engage most of your senses, playing a relaxing playlist, lighting a delicious smelling candle, dimming the lights and having cucumber water at hand. It’s all about the little details.


5 Ways To Create An At Home Spa Experience, Including CBD
Photo by Nicole De Khors via Burst

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CBD is a big relaxation tool in all of its shapes and forms. Take a couple of drops of your favorite CBD oil ahead of time or use a CBD massage oil and start working on your arms, legs and back. If you have any joint or muscle aches, get CBD cream or lotion ahead of time.

Prepare some hot towels

Hot towels open up your pores and make you feel sleepy. Instead of having to leave the bathroom to heat up towels, stock up on a couple of them and keep them in the bathroom, submerging them in hot water and wringing them until they’re damp. Use these to clean your face, arms, whatever you need. To make this process better, use aromatic oils in the water, that way the towels will smell amazing and you can just put them on your face and nap away.

Play with water temperatures

Photo by 955169 via Pixabay

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Alternating between hot and cold water can provide different benefits, such as improving your circulation, reducing muscle soreness and more. The change in temperature can also be a jolt to the system, making you feel more awake and relaxed once you’re done with your pampering. Change the temperature of your shower as your about to leave or keep a bucket of iced water around, dipping a towel in and placing it on your face as a way of preventing wrinkles.

Make a DIY face mask

There are plenty of face mask recipes out there, using simple items that could be in your pantry right now, like honey, vinegar, cucumbers, and more. Prepare something nice and simple ahead of time and use it maximize your in-home spa experience.


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