Saturday, May 25, 2024

A Stretch Routine Might Be Just What You Need Right Now

Stretching is not the most entertaining of activities, but it’s very helpful for keeping your body in shape. It’s also an escape for these trying times.

Stretching is probably the least popular form of a workout, if you can even call it that.

Stretch routines are not as demanding as pilates or yoga and they’re definitely something that most of us are naturally not good at. But stretching is very healthy and relaxing, especially in situations when you don’t want to commit to an intense sweat session yet are still feeling the urge to move around. You might have experienced this throughout the past month.

Stretching routines can improve anyone’s body, no matter their age or fitness level. They also require no equipment or the need to break a sweat. It’s a practice that will make you feel good and will help you get rid of any of the annoying pains and aches that might have popped up because you’ve been hunched in front of your computer for hours.

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Studies show that stretching improves mobility, posture, that it helps prevent injuries and reduces soreness of all types. It increases your energy levels and de-stresses you, much like a meditating session would.

How Marijuana Can Improve Your Home Workouts
How Marijuana Can Improve Your Home Workouts

When starting off with your stretches, it’s important to be consistent and to not get too crazy before your body is ready. Allot 10 minutes a day for your stretches and practice them a couple of days a week, looking up some routines online or targeting a particular muscle group that bothers you (lower back pain, we see you). Don’t push your joints and muscles if you feel pain and stretch evenly on both sides of your body. Try to hit all major muscle groups.

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Quarantine stiffness is real and you might only be seeing these painful changes now, after spending a month cooped up indoors. Start off slow with your stretches, using alarms as weekly reminders and push yourself as you feel your body start to let loose. If you’re consistent, your body will experience changes and an increased range of mobility within weeks.


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