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6 Great CBD Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day presents are pretty traditional: a visit to the spa, or an item she really wants, like jewelry or clothes. It all depends on the person’s preferences but these gifts tend to be simple and pampering, giving her the opportunity for some much needed relaxation.

If this is the year where you’ve finally run out of the ideas, then you’re in luck; there’s never been a wider range of CBD products for mom. These items are varied and perfect for some well earned mom “me-time,” ranging from scrubs and beauty products to CBD vape pens. Check out 6 of our favorites:

Beboe Therapies Serum

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Beboe has had a great year. Kicking it off with a partnership with Barneys, now the company is hard at work producing some really impressive skin products. Their serums contain 300mg of full-spectrum CBD, Rosehip, Grapeseed and Lavender oils, all with the purpose of revitalizing complexions and reducing blemishes. 

New Highs 200mg CBD

New Highs makes impressive and expensive CBD products. They’re like the champagne of CBD, especially grown and tendered in Oregon and impossible to replicate when developed in other lands. These products also possess the highest levels of CBD concentration on the market.

Lord Jones Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gumdrops


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These limited edition gumdrops are beautifully packaged, with a handmade corsage that can be stored, and are apricot and rose flavored. They contain a manageable and relaxing 20mg of full spectrum CBD.

TSO Sonoma Mindful “Awakening” Pen

The only vape pen on this list, TSO’s Sonoma contains a sativa strain with heavy CBD content that results in a calming and creative experience. This product is easy to use and perfect for newcomers who are open to a mindful experience.

Whoopi & Maya Bath Soaks

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Wishing you all the juiciest of juicy days today and every other day✨💌✨ We know, everybody is saying it, it’s all about self-love. But truly, let us love ourselves every👏single👏day. If we can’t love ourselves easily and naturally here’s a really simple exercise to help✨♥️✨Lay on your back or find yourself in any position really and close your eyes. Start with your toes and your feet beginning to scan and thank them for whatever unique reason speaks to you. Maybe because they take you places or maybe because they are beautiful when they’re painted pink? Whatever your reason is✨♥️✨ continue to scan your body moving upward to your knees your legs your womb space, your digestive tracts, thanking and lovingly recognizing and acknowledging each of your functioning body parts, perfect just the way they are, loyally serving you from the moment you are born untill the moment you die✨♥️✨Keep it moving until you get all the way up to your heart and brain feeding every body part with love, adoration, and acceptance ✨♥️✨Spend some extra time on your Heart and Mind and complement yourself on your emotional intelligence, your ability to manifest and create, and the control that we have over our attitude & perception, which is really all that we have✨♥️✨ Sometimes doing the most literal of exercises has the largest outcome, especially if you don’t know where to begin✨♥️✨ #whoopiandmaya #whoopiandmayaco #selfcare is #healthcare

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These bath soaks are reasonably priced and beloved by many clients, leaving your skin soft and glowy and making you feel very relaxed. Their soaks are available in different scents and contain a mixture of THC oil and plenty of skin nourishing plant oils.

Vertly CBD Lip Balm

Vertly’s lip balm is handcrafted and contains ingredients like shea, kokum and cacao butter blended with different plant oils. It’s a versatile balm that can be used in other damaged and sensitive parts of your skin.

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