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4 Fun CBD Edibles To Try For Beginners

As the CBD Boom heats up across the country, we have access to more CBD-related products than ever before. People have been raving about CBD oil for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD can’t get you high. CBD is safe and sold legally in the USA.

Instead of the euphoric high, CBD is the part of cannabis that provides you with a more balanced mood, regulated appetite, and it might be a little easier to sleep. Whenever you eat on these edibles throughout the day, you’ll be able to experience the benefits without the negative effects that come with the THC counterpart to CBD. There are plenty of fun ways to take CBD outside of the traditional oil tinctures that can taste awful.

Companies have come out with alternatives topical treatments, beverages, edibles and more. We’ve come up with a list of four of the best CBD edibles on the market right now for you to explore. While these edibles don’t get you high, they do provide the medical health benefits that are being discovered through research with CBD.

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Endoca Chewing Gum

Made from organic, food-grade, 100% natural ingredients and nothing synthetic, Endoca engineered a CBD chewing gum that’s also completely THC-free. With a serving of 15MG CBD per stick of gum, it’s made with mint and wild peppermint essential oils, xylitol, and sunflower lecithin (which helps promote brain health!). Made from a short list of ingredients, you can be confident about what you’re consuming. Sweetened with xylitol, Endoca explains how it may help reduce plaque and cavities in addition to all the benefits you’ll receive from the CBD. I don’t know about keeping cavities away, but this is a fun convenient way to pop some CBD.

Green Roads Gummies

One of the most delicious ways to consume CBD, the RELAX Gummies from Green Roads are infused with 10MG CBD per gummy and formulated by a pharmacist. They help make any situation more relaxing, also promoting appetite and sleep. Green Roads boasts about their highest quality cannabidiol, offering a pharmaceutical-grade rich broad-spectrum oil that is packed with nutrients and medicinal benefits. Their CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which helps to ensure the lack of THC in the product.

Diamond CBD Honey Sticks

Made from industrial CBD hemp oil, the CBD-infused Honey Sticks from Diamond CBD offers a sweet alternative to other CBD edibles, pills, or tinctures. Composed of all-natural honey and 100% CBD, each stick is infused with 10MG of CBD. Each pack comes with 5 sticks, or 50MG of CBD in total. We recommend putting the honey on a slice of toast or using it to sweeten your morning tea. If you decide to go with these honey sticks, we recommend including a CBD capsule with your dosage as you would need to eat 5 of these sticks for an adequate daily dose.

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Medix CBD Sour Bears

Infused with premium quality PCR (Phyto-cannabinoid-rich) hemp oil, these sour gummies are both fun to eat and effective. A perfect way to boost your day, Medix CBD Sour Bears are a wonderful treat after a meal or if you just feel like snacking. You can be confident you’re getting a pure CBD product with no THC, and no unwanted highs. Professional quality, these CBD infused sour gummy bears come in bottles of 30 pieces or packs of 10. There are 10MG of CBD per gummy bear, after which they’re coated in a layer of sour and sweet sugar crystals to truly optimize their flavor. We recommend eating 2-3 of them a day.


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