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7 Cannabis Tips To Consider This Fourth Of July Weekend

If you are attending a big fireworks show at night, or some other long event with lots of people, remember that July 4th is a marathon and not a sprint. Here are some other tips.

If you live in a state where weed is legal, you may be considering ditching the 12-pack of domestic beer in favor of supporting your local dispensary this holiday weekend. This switch certainly saves you calories that can be spent on BBQ and cocktails. Plus, no one wants a hangover heading into work on the 5th.

The Fourth of July is actually a huge cannabis holiday. In fact, according to Forbes, this FOJ is “likely racking up the highest number in sales for any day in the market this summer.” With all this marijuana being purchased in preparation for this major holiday, we wanted to offer a few reminders and tips to help you have a smooth, healthy and safe Independence Day.

4th Of July Weekend To Beat 420 Cannabis Sales
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National Parks And Federal Property Are Off Limits For Cannabis

It is important you remember that just because weed is legal in your state does not mean it is legal everywhere in your state. As we previously reported, marijuana possession and usage is prohibited on federal property. 

This is particularly critical to remember on July 4th, as many fireworks celebrations and events happen on federal property. Federal property includes national parks and monuments too – so make sure you know exactly where you are headed before packing your cannabis.

Don’t Forget To Tell Your Friends If You Spike Their BBQ  

Weed treats and barbecue ideas are becoming more popular, and can really take your FOJ BBQ to the next level. Just be sure to label anything with weed and let everyone know.  Like we have said before, no need to get overly scientific. Just be sure to mention what is in them, how strong they are, and if you have tried them. If you are attending a more transient “pop-in, pop-out” function, it is best to keep your cannabis treats tucked away. Offer them out yourself as people arrive to avoid any tragic mishap.

Consider Low Dose Edibles For The Main Festivities

If you are attending a big fireworks show at night, or some other long event with lots of people, remember that July 4th is a marathon and not a sprint. Heat, marijuana and lots of walking is enough to wipe anyone out. Make sure you find shade when you can, stay hydrated, and consider your method of consuming cannabis.

CBD Edibles Not All They Claim To Be
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If you have a long day ahead, consider lower dose edibles, or other low-THC methods. This way you can have a relaxed day without getting burnt out. This method also ensures you aren’t stone cold sober by the time the fireworks start.

Keep You Weed Stored Securely

July 4th is known to be a rowdy, and often wet holiday, with water balloons and squirt guns being a preferred way to cool off. It is also common to see unsuspecting pool party guests get dunked in a pool against his or her will. While this is usually all in good fun, the last thing you need is a soggy joint or your weed floating all over a pool. 

Follow the basic rules of weed storage if you plan on being out and about for the entire day. Either keep your product in its original container (if that’s the law), or grab a small mason jar to nip any potential disasters in the bud. And if all else fails, here’s What To Do If Your Weed Gets Wet.

The Odor Doesn’t Always Attract The Right Crowd

Remember that Independence Day is a holiday that all Americans celebrate. This includes people who are opposed to marijuana usage, and also their children. Sure, the latest Pew research poll says two thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization, but that also means one third does not. All you need is one of those opponents to catch wind of your joint to really spoil your high.

Maybe you are going to a party with lots of weed everywhere, in which case smoking joints in public might not matter. Just be aware that marijuana is still a problem for many Americans, especially if it is smoked around children. If you are uncertain of the crowd, consider an odorless vape pen, edibles or cannabis beverages instead.

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Consider Going Off The Beaten Path

July 4th is known for huge gatherings and elaborate fireworks shows, but if you plan on spending the day high you might want to consider a quieter location. Think about less crowded spots to enjoy the fireworks. Spending quality time with those you care about is a much better way to enjoy your high than battling for a $30 parking spot in 95 degree heat. In other words, consider the road less traveled.

Have A Blast

You are officially ready to celebrate now that you have more information about how to stay safe, high and healthy this weekend. After all, there are few holidays that allow for so many fun, free, lively activities among friends and family. So go forth and enjoy July 4th!


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