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7 Stunning Marijuana Accessories You Might Not Know About

You’ve rolled one up and burned it down… and now you feel like hitting the town. Do it in style and declare your love for cannabis with some (or all!) of these weed accessories. Who doesn’t love to shop—or at the very least, get a little “lifted” and try things on? Go on—you deserve to have your fun and wear it too.

Sweet Leaf Collection By Jacquie Aiche

Starting at the high end: jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche’s sublime Sweet Leaf collection brings a sense of whimsy to the often-conservative world of expensive jewelry. Adorn yourself with a Sweet Leaf anklet, body chain or ear jacket. Slip on a blingy ring. You’ll want one of everything. jacquieaiche.com


The PAX 2 is often the answer to the question “What’s in your pocket?” these days. Its sleek design and intelligent nature make this vape a go-to for flower-combusting connoisseurs. Lip- and motion-sensing technology release vapor at the touch, and four temperature settings heat your weed just right for the perfect draw. Step into high society. paxvapor.com


Annabís was designed for the discerning woman who pairs consuming cannabis with chic style. These beautifully designed bags are right at home around high society. Each one is outfitted with a secret compartment and tiny little aroma-locking innovations to safely carry your stash. annabisstyle.com

Trippy Travel Mug


Before you head out the door for another jam-packed day, pour your beverage of choice into an inspired travel mug. Sip your coffee or yerba maté or ionized water on-the-go from a beautiful container… and remember, when someone cuts in front of you: there’s so much more to life. That’s why we smoke! redbubble.com


This Amsterdam-based clothing company  has always incorporated beautiful little touches for cannabis aficionados in its eco-conscious fashion, like a secret stash pocket in its luxurious furry hoody. Faux-fur pockets warm hands right back up after puffing on a cold day, and the all-encompassing hood keeps you snug as a bug in a rug. hoodlamb.com

Blazin’ Trails Backpack

These street-stylish, sleekly designed backpacks feature a padded back, a velour laptop sleeve, a plush pocket for your shades, and a secret pocket—so you can flaunt your cannabis pride while keeping your stash safe. Check out the Blazin’ Trails and other upscale backpacks for the cannabis connoisseur. sprayground.com

Walnut Studio Doobie Tube

When you whip out a perfect, unbent, freshly-rolled joint at a party, that’s great—and if you happen to pull it out of a hand-crafted leather carrying case, well, that shows you’ve got real style. Walnut Studio has risen to meet the demand of legal cannabis looking cool with its hand-stitched, hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather Doobie Tube. walnutstudiolo.com


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