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Marijuana Microdosing: What Is It And How Do I Do It?

Is today’s weed stronger than what was available a generation ago? Yes. Are today’s cannabis-infused edibles more potent? Yes.

For many proponents of prohibition, the positive answers to these questions provide proof that marijuana is more dangerous than ever before. For those who actually consume cannabis, it means that you need less product to achieve the desired effect.

Welcome to microdosing — a method, especially for edibles, for controlling the amount of THC consumed.

Here is what you need to know about microdosing:

The Basics

As the THC potency of cannabis strains increases, it would stand to reason that you need less of the herb to catch a buzz. In days gone by, an experienced toker would need a full joint to get high, if not more. Today, a few puffs off a joint should do the trick. And with improved delivery methods (vape pens, lozenges, etc.), joints may not be your go-to preference.


In most states that have regulated marijuana manufacturing and sales, legal edibles have required dosage limits. Typically, a standard dose is 10 mg of THC, a fairly benign amount for regular consumers.

The beauty of microdosing edibles is that you know how much THC is in the product, allowing you to enjoy the chocolate or brownie in a more controlled way.

One popular form of small-dose edibles are breath mints. Mr. Moxley’s Mints, produced by botanicaSEATTLE, provides 5 mg of THC per mint, a microdose that allows for a mild, relaxed feeling.

How To Microdose Properly

The best advice for edibles is to start slow. It typically takes 45 minutes or so for most edibles to activate your system. So be patient and allow time for the edible to do work its way through your body.

If after 45 minutes, you feel the need for more, take another microdose. Listen to your body.

If you have never had a cannabis edible, or you have had negative experiences in the past, try microdosing.

And Don’t Worry

In the recorded history of man, there has been zero recorded fatal overdoses of marijuana. If you happen to take to strong of a dose, you may suffer from a racing heart or severe anxiety or hallucinations. But you will not die. Unless, of course, you do something stupid like get behind the wheel of a car or jump out a window.


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