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Returning To The Office, Marijuana or CBD Could Help Anxiety

Microsoft, Amazon and more are insisting teams go back to the office – if you are stressed – here are some tips

If you have been working at home and developed a new daily pace, being called back into the office, even three days a week, can be stressful.  The tug of war between employees and upper management returning is playing out as JP Morgan, Amazon, Microsoft and others enforcing new policies.  Unions have stepped in to the conversation and it seems the new normal will be in flux for at least through the end of 2023. Returning the office, marijuana or CBD could help anxiety.

Some people are having a hard time with reentry and maybe cbd or marijiuana can help. Anxiety and depression are different disorders. Anxiety is characterized by chronic worry, nervousness, and fear, while depression revolves more around sadness, numbness, or a loss of interest in normal activities or hobbies.

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Research indicates that CBD may have a positive influence on insomniamood disorders, and pain.

Some patients who are suffering from depression may also develop social phobias as well, facing difficulties with social events such as public speaking or attending parties. CBD can be used to improve such panic disorders and phobias by decreasing the functioning of the amygdala. However, it’s important to note that research on the effects produced by cannabinoids is still ongoing and evolving.

Before consuming CBD, you should consult with your medical health specialist or primary care physician. CBD may help with some psychological difficulties, but it is important to adhere to any directions offered by your care provider.

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Although further research is still needed to understand the effects of marijuana on anxiety, there are anecdotal and scientific reports of marijuana temporarily relieving symptoms; however, there are still potential negative side effects of marijuana to consider.

Two of the main compounds in cannabis—tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)—are linked with potential therapeutic effects for anxiety. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, which makes you feel the “high” when you smoke weed, for instance. In low doses, THC is linked with feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and sociability.

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If you do not wish to take cannabis or cbd to relieve anxiety, there are several alternative methods to help with symptoms. These include:

  • remaining active and engaging in regular exercise
  • seeking out a therapist or doctor
  • reducing alcohol consumption
  • reducing caffeine consumption
  • eating a healthy diet. 

Last two things, there is rarely a silver bullet that will solve all your issues and, at least through 2023, the workplace will be involving. 


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