Thursday, May 30, 2024

Brotivational Speaker Gary Vaynerchuk Doesn’t Give A F***

Gary Vaynerchuk—or Gary Vee as he is known on social media—loves the F word. It punctuates his every sentence. Vaynerchuk is well aware of his penchant for F-bombing, and doesn’t give a f–k. It’s exactly this type of comedic emphasis that resonates with his audience, many of whom think he is “f—ing awesome.”

Vaynerchuk’s talks are targeted towards a certain age group. There is some practical advice peppered in between his penchant for swearing, geared towards companies in the initial development stages.

During a Q&A after his keynote speech at the inaugural Hall of Flowers exposition, in Sonoma California, an attendee asked him what his personal mantra is.

“Nobody gives a f–k about your feelings,” he replied.

Among other nuggets of inspiration, he advised his captive audience to learn to take rejection, to be in the cannabis space for the long haul, and not to sit around complaining about how interlopers were taking over cannabis while others who don’t give a f–k who got there first are getting off their duff and executing their ideas. He compared the current state of the cannabis industry to the tech world evolving from a nerds-only industry, to mass participation, or your favorite underground rockband going mainstream. Complaining about it is useless, he advises.

Vaynerchuk made his initial millions as “a wine guy,” who was savvy enough as a teenager to jump on e-commerce early. As a result, he claims he grew his father’s liquor business from $3 million to $60 million. He advised his audience to study the first 15 years after alcohol prohibition, to learn to discern patterns in evolving markets.

He applies this theory to gradual lifting of cannabis prohibition and the subsequent boundless opportunities that await those who are savvy enough to get in early. He is doing just that, by owning 50% of marketing mill Green Market Agency, which produced Hall of Flowers, and bartering the launch of start-ups for equity in their companies.

One such company, is Zzz Natural, which plans to produce a vape pen with a cannabis strain that is dedicated to helping alleviate insomnia. Zzz’s blue pen is similar to Sunday Goods’ sleep pen in their navy and white, male-centric product line which comes across as a cannabis-friendly Kiehls.

Despite several sleep products on the market, Vee emphasizes that there is room in the cannabis space for everyone—for now. Eventually, some of these companies will go the way of extinct search engines like Dogpile and Ask Jeeves, “which many of you are too f—ing young to remember,” Vee says.

Vee loves content, and has multiple cameramen following his every move. He encourages his listeners to churn out content like a beast, whether it be a podcast, Youtube videos, or whatever.

When asked if the recent Elon Musk scandal that endlessly dominated news cycles when he publicly took a puff of a blunt in a legalized state, which caused his stock to temporarily nosedive, was an issue, Vee, in his signature style replied, “Elon doesn’t give a f–k. Elon will be ok.” In Vee’s world, the pinnacle of success is having the freedom to simply not give a f–k.


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