Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Cannabis Companies Raise Cash For Girl Harassed By ‘Permit Patty’

A little girl who had the cops called on her for trying to raise money so she and her family could go to Disneyland, not only has her trip covered, she has a growing college fund, thanks to a handful of cannabis companies.

Eight-year-old Jordan Rodgers was selling bottled water outside of her home in San Francisco last month when she was accosted by a woman who called the cops on the young entrepreneur for illegally selling the product without a permit.

The girl’s mom, Erin Austin, captured the incident on her phone. It became a big deal because Rodgers is black and the woman, dubbed “Permit Patty”,  is white. Racial prejudice at its finest.

It didn’t take long before Permit Patty was recognized as Alison Ettel, the (now former) CEO of a cannabis company called Treatwell Health.

And now, companies that had previously carried Ettel’s products have not only severed ties, they helped raise money for the little girl she harassed.

Green Rush Daily reports that over the weekend, Bay Area cannabis companies joined their community in Oakland to rally support for Rodgers.

At the Pergola at Lake Merritt, the fundraiser featured Rodgers herself. As she had been doing before Permit Patty called the cops on her, Jordan was selling bottled waters and food donated to her by a handful of cannabis companies. Jordan also got to keep all of the proceeds for her college fund.

Shortly after the video surfaced, a musician let it be known that he had purchased four tickets to Disneyland for Rodgers and her family:

Ettel stepped down from her position as CEO of Treatwell, a company she founded, after the video went public.


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