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CannaCurious? Here’s How To Get Started With Marijuana

Maybe it’s been a decade since you’ve last giggled uncontrollably with a friend with weed. Or maybe you tried it once or twice and it just wasn’t your thing. Or maybe you just want to know what all the buzz is about. Or maybe you’re just cannacurious.

Whatever your level of inexperience with marijuana, we’re here to help.  If you know nothing — or next to nothing — about the herb, here is a primer that may help you get started.

And if you have no desire to start but you want to know what the hell your cannabis-consuming friend is talking about, this might give you a hand.

You Don’t Have To Smoke It 


Eat it. Vape it. Drink it. Smoking is optional. Lighting an herb on fire and inhaling into your lungs isn’t for everyone. Don’t worry. There are many ways to consume marijuana without ever striking a match of flicking your Bic. From tinctures to lotions to sex lubes, cannabis now comes in a wide variety of form factors.

The Easiest Way To Get Started

Yes, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis, but some have a higher learning curve than others. If you aren’t sure what is best for you, it’s wise to talk to your friendly neighborhood budtender. He or she will be able to give you the rundown and even demonstrate how to use the equipment. But the easiest way to get started is to purchase a pre-rolled joint or an edible. Go slow and listen to your body.

Can Certain Marijuana Types Give Me Certain Results?


Absolutely. You may have heard that some strains of marijuana can give you the munchies. Some can make you feel artistic and creative. Some can make you feel hyper-alert. And, yes, some can make you horny. Cannabis hits everybody differently, so be aware that what makes you sleepy may make someone else hungry.

Here’s a starter list:

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana You Can Take To Increase Your Appetite

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana You Can Take To Make You Happy

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana That Can Make You More Creative

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana That Will Make You More Active

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana You Can Take To Make You Sexy

Indica? Sativa? Hybrids?


Most beginners are unaware of that there are categories of strains and these differences can mean the difference between crashing on the couch and running on a trail. If you are not sure if a sativa or an indica is what you want before bed or to dull a headache, you really need to bone up on the cannabis science. This primer will give you the basics. Trust me: It’s really not that complicated.

Will It Give Me The Munchies? 

Yes, chances are you will feel hunger pangs after you consume marijuana. Cannabis promotes appetite. That powerful urge to eat is actually the herb doing its job. Researchers have known for decades that using cannabis increases appetite even when you are fully sated. If not used mindfully, expect to gain a few pounds at first. So will if this is the case, why aren’t all cannabis consumers obese? While marijuana generally promote appetite, the cannabinoid receptors in your brain eventually become desensitized or trained.

Drop A Few Pounds


There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the herb doesn’t necessarily make your body grow. Yep. Marijuana, for some, is an excellent diet aid. One study found that people consuming cannabis at least three to five times a week had 16 percent lower fasting insulin levels and smaller waist circumference. Yes, you read that correctly: a smaller waist circumference. If your favorite pair of jeans is a bit snug or you just want to get your weight under control, cannabis may help.

What Is Vaping?

Vaporization is becoming more and more popular. Why? It is better than inhaling smoke, first of all. Also, technology is quickly improving and vape pens are becoming ubiquitous. For a lot of cannabis connoisseurs, combusting plant matter and putting it in your lungs is not an ideal way to medicate. For these folks, vaporization is a great alternative.  For most cannabis enthusiasts – especially beginners – vaporizers allow for a milder, easier-to-control high compared to smoking. Added bonus: No smoke!

Etiquette Matters


If you’re going to be consuming cannabis solo, you can do it however your please. But if you are with a friend or a group of people, it’s essential to know the proper etiquette. Believe it or not, there are actual rules (well, more like guidelines) when it comes to sharing a joint. The first two rules are basic: 1) Just chill out. 2) Don’t be a jerk. But after that, there are a series of no-no’s that will make you look a little lame in the smoke circle. Who gets the first hit? Which way shall I pass the joint? What if I don’t want another hit? Now you’ll know.

What If I Get Too High?


It happens to even the most experienced toker. You take what you think is the normal amount, but you’re flying way too high. Now what? Getting unhigh is not exactly as easy as you think, but there are certain things that can definitely help you out of a corner. The first thing to remember is this: You won’t die. Repeat it after me: You won’t die. No matter how sucky you feel, just know that you’ll be fine if you follow the steps in this story.

Can I Just Do A Little?


If you haven’t heard, today’s marijuana is much stronger than the weed from the old days. If it has been a while since your last cannabis experience, you need to understand that potency has increased. But not too worry: Microdosing — a method, especially for edibles, for controlling the amount of THC consumed — is popular, especially among novices. As the THC potency of cannabis strains increases, it would stand to reason that you need less of the herb to catch a buzz. Portion control works.


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