Friday, June 21, 2024

5 Very Strange Things That Turn People On And We Don’t Know Why

Everyone has their preferences and particularities when it comes to sex: What they like, who they’re attracted to, what turns people on, etc. The list is endless, with all of these things being personal and intimate. We could find a million different answers that vary greatly, changing depending on the person you’re asking.

Some turn ons and ‘kinks’ are more obvious and common, becoming easier to guess than others, but some people have the knack of surprising you with their weirdness. 

Here we present to you the 5 craziest things we discovered that make people want to get freaky. Seriously, WTF:

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Brain Damage

A patient named Alissa was in a car crash that left her in a coma. When she woke up, she discovered a newfound and vigorous interest in sex that lead her to find a job as a dominatrix in an S&M club. That escalated super fast.

Turns out that her injury had damaged the frontal lobe of her brain which then caused hypersexuality, a uncommon condition that lead to her developing this S&M compulsion that made her want to have sex all the freaking time. 


We’ve all seen movies where people have sex at funerals and even though this may seem insensitive and callous, it’s not that far off base. This shit is real; grief and libido are strangely connected because apparently we live in The Twilight Zone and intense situations have the power of bringing people together. Together, together.

To explain things in a more biological way, the part in our brain that governs sexual arousal is really close to the part that rules over grief, anger and fear, so it’s easy for things to get blurry when our emotions are heightened.


Not the sexiest of diseases (if you can call any disease sexy) and almost unheard of in humans, these rare cases have demonstrated that patients with rabies have a heightened interest in sex, leaving them in a state of constant arousal for no reason at all and making them want to hump anything that’s in their range of sight.

This unexplained hypersexuality is due to the inflammation of the brain, which is an initial symptom of the disease.


Having sexy thoughts while breastfeeding your newborn child sounds like an extremely inappropriate thing but it’s not unheard of. In fact, it’s kind of common. The act of breastfeeding makes women release a bunch of hormones, one of them being oxytocin, the primary hormone for all types of fun including orgasms. Then there’s also the fact that breasts are already considered an erogenous zone, so. Don’t be embarrassed. 


Junk food is the world’s greatest thing, there’s no doubt about that, but a strange and recently discovered condition called Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome can cause people to literally orgasm when triggered by certain events. PSAS makes the victims live in a constant state of arousal where they’ll orgasm with little to no stimulation.

Gabi Jones suffered from this disease and developed a real soft spot for food, particularly ice creams. Understandably, she bought a lot of them.


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