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Data Reveals Why Cannabis Users Tend To Be Thinner

With the stigma of “the munchies” people have been a bit baffled marijuana consumers tend to be a bit thinner!

Unlike other vices, it seems marijuana may have another benefit – helping keep off the weight.  Despite “the munchies” or an increased appetite, it seems it doesn’t matter. Although it may seem intuitive that an increased appetite would lead to weight gain, current existing epidemiological studies suggest that marijuana users are less likely to have obesity. Now data reveals why cannabis users tend to be thinner

One theory is cannabis can influence a person’s level of insulin, thus, influencing their waistline. One study, published in the American Journal of Medicine, collected and analyzed data from 4,600 adults.

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Researchers found that current marijuana users had significantly smaller waistlines when compared to participants who had never smoked marijuana before. These results were surprising since factors like gender, age, tobacco and alcohol use, physical activity and more were considered.

Significant Weight Loss Might Have An Impact On Your Immune System
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Participants who consumed cannabis had lower levels of insulin when compared to those who didn’t consume marijuana. Even people who had consumed cannabis in the past had lower insulin levels than the average person, although to much smaller degrees.

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Another factor that can influence people’s weight is THCV, a cannabinoid with appetite suppressant effects. Despite THCV being a minor cannabinoid and there being much less information out there on its effects, the compound is known for blocking out THC’s powerful hunger inducing capabilities, which could help some people manage their eating patterns and behaviors.

Although there are currently no medications or ways of consuming THCV directly, there are a few strains that contain high amounts of the compound, especially in sativa dominant strains. Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, Face off OG, and others could be an interesting choice if you want to check out the effects of THCV for yourself.


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