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Delta-8: What You Need To Know To Get Started

There’s a perfect product and an optimal dose for everyone, and knowing your end goal will help you figure out where to start.

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a wall of delta-8 at the vape shop with no idea where to start? You are not alone! Dosing THC can be tricky, even for savvy cannabis consumers. And because delta-8 is new to the cannabis marketplace, it’s hard to get a straight answer about how much to take.

While some of the guidelines for dosing are the same as for weed or CBD, it doesn’t mean your ideal delta-8 dose will be the same, according to Robert Como, founder Hi On Nature, which manufactures high-end delta-8 products  “The compositions of different forms of THC are unique, he says, “and so are the goals, the body chemistry, and the tolerance levels of the people who use them.”

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Begin with the end in mind

Start in the same place you would with any cannabis product, which is knowing what you want to accomplish with delta-8. Your goals might include:

  • Treating pain, anxiety, or nausea without any high
  • A light high that provides clarity and energy during the day
  • Casual recreational use with less risk of developing paranoia
  • Serious recreational use with an intense high

“Part of delta-8’s appeal is that it has such a broad range of uses,” says Como. “There’s a perfect product and an optimal dose for everyone, and knowing your end goal will help you figure out where to start.”

Choose the right starting dose

Like other forms of THC, your response to delta-8 is dependent on your tolerance, which is determined by your body chemistry, weight, and age. “If you’re a regular cannabis user, you probably have some idea where to begin,” Como advises, “but if you’ve never used delta-8 before, we recommend starting at a lower dose and building from there.”

At Hi On Nature, doses range from 10 mg Cub Scouts gummies up to their flagship product, 2500 mg Space Rings. “We produce a full spectrum of doses and a variety of delivery methods that makes it easy to work your way up to get the effect you’re looking for,” says Como.

For those who are inexperienced with cannabis or have only used CBD in the past, he recommends starting with 10 milligrams or less.

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What to know before you try Delta-8

Delta-8 can have a delayed onset compared to other forms of THC. “The first time you try delta-8, give it ample time to take effect before considering adding more,” Como advises. With gummies, the effect can be delayed up to 4 hours, although 1-2 hours is more typical. Other delivery methods such as vapes or tinctures can take effect more quickly.

Como recommends following the guidelines on the product packaging closely until you are familiar with your individual response to delta-8. For more information about delta-8 or to explore the full product range offered by Hi On Nature, visit their website.


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