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Denver Cracks Down On Cannabis Tour Buses

For more than four years, 420 Tours provided thousands of tours for cannabis enthusiasts — catering to tourists and locals alike — in Denver. But now the city is cracking down on the unique transportation concept.

A team of undercover officers pulled over two tour buses on Friday, citing more than 30 passengers who were partaking in marijuana while the vehicle was on the road. One of the drivers was busted for driving under the influence of cannabis.

According to Denver’s 9News, Eric Escudero with the Department of Excise and Licenses said his office has sent letters to the tour companies warning them that they are not operating within the law. According to city officials, the tour bus outfits are operating illegally. Escudero believes that under current law, there is no wiggle room for tour bus companies to continue business operations in Denver.

Jay Casillas, a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department, told 9News that enforcement of the laws on cannabis tour buses was complaint-driven, but did not reveal how many grievances were received.

My 420 Tours website claims it is the first company to pioneer cannabis tourism and says it is “dedicated to providing you the ultimate service, from your initial contact with our cannabis concierge, until the next time you plan your cannabis vacation.” Another service, Colorado Cannabis tours,  advertises that it has “the newest, most luxurious party buses and limos.”

Riders who pay for these tour services are allowed by the operators to smoke, vape, eat edibles, drink beverages or consume cannabis in any form — as long as the herb is purchased before hopping on the bus. The tour companies do not sell or give away marijuana, which would be illegal.

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