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Does Joss Whedon Smoke Weed?

“I think weed’s a fine thing, for the enjoyment of and, occasionally, for thinking about movies,” Whedon once said. But does he smoke it?

Joss Whedon is one of the most impactful figures in Hollywood. As a producer, director and comic book writer, he’s developed some of television’s most iconic shows, such as “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”He’s also the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s hard to think of a person who has been more influential in terms of media over the past decade.

This week Whedon went viral for all of the wrong reasons. One of the leads of the “Justice League,” Ray Fisher, called him out due to his abusive behavior on set. Whedon is a self-professed workaholic but this is the first time that one of his collaborators called him on it.

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Does Whedon smoke weed? It’s in his name, after all.

There’s not a lot of information on Whedon and marijuana, but there’s one interesting 2013 interview with Entertainment Weekly where the topic is broached. In the profile, Whedon explains a bit of his childhood, how he grew up, and a time in his life where he went to boarding school in England. Somehow, the interviewer snuck in a question about pot.

“I think weed’s a fine thing, for the enjoyment of and, occasionally, for thinking about movies. I don’t use it socially because it does not improve my socializing. And I never, ever smoke unless it’s the last thing I do that day because there’s a long period of stupid that comes after it that’s pretty useless. You don’t need it, but every now and then it takes you to a different place,” said Whedon.

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So, the answer is Whedon occasionally smokes marijuana? Whedon doesn’t seem to have a very positive opinion on the drug, but he’s used it at least. The EW profile was published a couple of years ago, so maybe his opinions have fluctuated since then. He’s a strange guy.


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