Monday, November 28, 2022

God’s Greenery CEO Cites CBD Boom Among Christians

The stereotypical anti-drug stance of “the Christian Right” was something Michael Klein and his team anticipated. However, it never surfaced.

By Anthony Noto

Last month, cannabidiol residue was discovered on two historic altars — currently housed in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

The news grabbed headlines with many pointing out the peculiarity of CBD being used in biblical times, but to Michael Klein, CEO of CBD company God’s Greenery, the evidence wasn’t so strange.

The discovery could be “interesting and provocative” to some, but the current popularity of CBD usage among religious communities underscores just how mainstream medicinal usage has become, Klein explained.

“As science continues to evolve, there are going to be more discoveries like this,” Klein told Benzinga. “The plant has been a part of history and culture since the beginning of time. It shouldn’t be surprising.”

For proof, Klein points to the growing number of U.S. consumers, 41 million, that identify as Christians. Hence why he launched God’s Greenery.

Christians & CBD

Since 2018, the startup has grown into a go-to resource for Christians that are curious about using CBD and needed reliable research and information.

“We uncovered this growing rate of Christians talking about CBD,” Klein said. “But there wasn’t a place for them to come together and share stories to foster that community.”

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Also, the stereotypical anti-drug stance of “the Christian Right” was something Klein and his team anticipated. However, it never surfaced.

“When we launched God’s Greenery, we anticipated that resistance and that stigma, but got none of it,” Klein said. “You might get the confusion around CBD and questions like ‘Does that make me high?’ but you can quickly dispel that.”


These days, the conversation has centered more around the potential health benefits of CBD and how Christians can take advantage of the many products that are on the market.

“Various religions and Christians in particular have their own relationship with CBD and cannabis,” Klein said. “It’s not one size fits all by any stretch of the imagination.”

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To help its audience pinpoint which products to get, the Raleigh, North Carolina-based company is pumping up the volume on its own products:

  • Oil of Gladness: A combination of botanicals and organic CBD with hints of basil, mint and chocolate.
  • Fit & Flex Capsules: DNA verified Hemp Seed Oil, along with pepper/clove oil for additional terpenes and full entourage effect, plus grape seed extract, rosemary extract, and turmeric. Like Oil of Gladness, it’s third party tested to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Sleep Capsules: These liquid filled capsules also contain DNA verified Hemp Seed Oil, coupled with soothing herbs and botanicals, to achieve “stability, or homeostasis.”

The oil is slated to start shipping in early July, while the capsules will begin shipping within two weeks.

Social Good

God’s Greenery is also donating a portion of the proceeds to locally vetted churches and nonprofits of the consumer’s choice.

“This is the first direct sales channel of hemp based, or derived, CBD wellness products to Christians,” Klein added. Brand ambassadors earn a commission on the products they sell. Up to 5% of the revenue is matched by God’s Greenery and another 5% is matched from ambassadors.

“Its’ a way to foster their communities,” Klein said. “Broadly speaking, wellness continues to grow as a category — especially post covid — and people will focus on health and wellness.”

This article originally appeared on Benzinga.



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