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Do The Dixie Chicks Smoke Weed?

The Chicks have never been ones to shy away from controversy, from criticizing the president to addressing spousal abuse. Do their liberal beliefs extend to weed?

We all know at least one song by The Dixie Chicks, no matter our age, gender, or tolerance for country music. But now, amid nationwide protests for racial justice, Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire are now just The Chicks. Like Lady Antebellum, who’ve recently changed their name to Lady A, The Chicks dropped the “Dixie” from their name, a word that romanticizes the pre-Civil War South.

The Chicks have updated their social media handles to reflect the name change, and released a video for their song “March, March,” which is a tribute to all of the past and present protests for equality and social justice.

As women who aren’t afraid to stand up for their social or political beliefs (remember when Maines publicly criticized President Bush for invading Iraq? Or their 1999 song “Goodbye Earl” about the murder of an abusive husband?), what is their stance on marijuana?
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In a 2013 profile for Rolling Stone, Maines said she was stunned by the backlash she got from her controversial Bush remarks. “It shocked me and kind of grossed me out that people thought I would be a conservative right-winger, that I’d be a redneck,” she said. “But at that time, people didn’t ask us things like, ‘What do you think of gay marriage?’ If they had, they would have learned how liberal I was.”

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She went on to say that, “Not only do I not like this president, I love gay people! And I’m pro-legalization of marijuana and all drugs! Yeah, let me blow your mind.”

So, while the answer to whether or not The Chicks (or at least some of them) smoke marijuana isn’t crystal clear, it sounds like they’re not opposed to it.



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