Monday, June 17, 2024

Does Kylie Jenner Smoke Weed?

Kylie Jenner, reality TV star, ‘self-made’ billionaire and part of the Kardashian clan, is one of the most famous people in the world. Does she smoke marijuana?

Kylie Jenner is pretty open on social media, advocating for the causes that interest her and giving updates on her life with baby Stormi. When it comes to cannabis, Jenner has taken to social media to shill different CBD products, including a CBD-laced drink that relieves anxiety called Happy Tea. Jenner’s social media posts are known for making or breaking companies, with most of the products she recommends earning large amounts of new followers, not to mention a ton more money for her own bank account. But so far, we’ve never seen her promote or smoke marijuana online.

Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott, however, has been way more open about his marijuana use.

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In an interview with Desus & Mero, Seth Rogen talked about Scott and the last time they smoked weed together. “I recently was smoking weed with Travis Scott, just me and him in a weird weed-smoking circle,” he said. “We get along really well… He’s a hilarious [dude]. That was just, like, a week ago so it’s fresh in my head. You always get along pretty well with people [who smoke].”

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The most clear indication that Jenner does indeed smoke weed comes from a Snapchat video she uploaded the night of the release of Travis Scott’s Netflix documentary. In it, Scott blows smoke into Jenner’s mouth. We assume it’s marijuana smoke since people don’t really shotgun cigarettes unless they’re in high school.

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Jenner’s appearances in reality TV and Instagram posts, which tend to feature her lipstick and make up products, have taken a quarantine turn, meaning that we now see her in sweatpants and with bags of Lays chips. Celebrities, they’re just like us.


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