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Does Florence Pugh Smoke Weed?

Florence Pugh is a young and talented actress. Does she smoke weed?

In the span of a few years, Florence Pugh rose from a prominent young actress to someone with an Academy Award nomination. A 24-years-old, she’s already worked with some of the most impressive directors in the industry in both TV and film. She’s also known for dating actor Zach Braff, who is 21-years her senior.

But does she smoke weed?

Unless Pugh was raised by a very conservative family, we can safely assume that she’s probably smoked her fair share of weed and that she holds progressive views on the drug. If you’re someone who’s not acquainted with her work, you’d be surprised to learn that she’s a kind of psychedelic icon, at least through her work.

Midsommar, one of the most discussed films of 2019, is known for its use of psychedelic images and a scene where the characters have a truly bad trip on mushrooms. People have been known to watch this movie while high themselves, documenting their vastly different reactions.

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Although Midsommar doesn’t reflect her personal views, it does suggest that Pugh is pretty chill when it comes to trying out new stuff.

Pugh has not been very vocal about marijuana issues, but there is one interview from 2019 where she mentions the drug. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight, she discusses her involvement with period films and how she has no trouble putting herself in period characters’ shoes.

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“I think there’s always some good reason to try and modernize most period things, because at the end of the day, they may have, I suppose, used a different language or a different etiquette but ultimately, these are still people that loved and breathed and lived and ate and weed and pooed just like we do now,” she said.

So, even if she hasn’t had the opportunity to speak about it in depth, we can conclude that Florence Pugh likely smokes weed.


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