Monday, June 17, 2024

Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Transdermal Patches

Among the thousands of ways to consume marijuana, there’s transdermal patches, a method that’s not as popular as smoking or consuming edibles, but that nonetheless delivers the goods. Transdermal patches are mostly medicinal, provinding relief for a myriad of conditions while offering reduced negative side effects.

Transdermal patches are different than smoking your average joint; instead of giving you an intense high that can last for an hour or two, these produce a steady effect that can last for longer periods of time and that may treat symptoms that you won’t even notice. Patches are more about reducing anxiety, pain, and nausea, than of getting you super high.

These patches should be placed in areas of the body where there are tons of blood vessels, making it easier for the THC to be delivered straight into your blood stream. This method of delivery is one of the most effective ways to get THC into your system, delivering it without any outside influence.

Patches are strong, unlike cannabis creams and lotions that affect the surface of your skin, they’re designed to go through all seven layers of the dermis.

Transdermal patches allow you to function really well, having limited psychoactive effects and producing long term relief. Once you use the patch, you’ll feel a steady stream of relief that’ll last hours. They’re are also easier to manage than other forms of cannabis, coming in with different dosages – 10mg or 20 – that you can simply remove if you’re not feeling comfortable with.

The patches normally kick in after a 20 minute window, and you can adapt them in any way you want, cutting them in half or in quarters if you want to consume a smaller dose.


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