Sunday, May 26, 2024

We’ll Have Live Streaming Holograms In The Next 5 Years

Magic Leap is a promising company that focuses on Augmented Reality and that wants to bring the digital world out of the screen and into our physical spaces.

Their most discussed product is their AR Goggles, a device that looks a little clunky and heavy, but that promises to merge the real world with the digital one. Recently, CEO Rony Abovitz announced that Magic Leap would partner with the NBA to bring basketball closer to their viewers in groundbreaking ways.

During an interview with The Verge, Abovitz claimed that within 3 to 5 years, people will be able to watch an NBA game live, in a holographic and interactive form. That sounds very stressful, and kind of cool, even though it’s a complete departure from the way in which people view and experience sports. Will you have to move your head around? What about if you want to eat some chips or have a beer? We have many questions.

Abovitz elaborated that for this to happen the stadiums and venues would have to install several camera sensors at different points, to capture all the necessary footage. This development could change broadcasting, and the way in which sports are aired. The necessary cameras required for this “volumetric capture” would be much smaller, with higher definition.

Magic Leap’s proposal, or dream, demands outfitting every space with these camera sensors and expecting every person to own the goggles. Which could happen. Everyone owns a TV, and a smartphone, what are a pair of glasses in the grand scheme of things? Still, five years sounds like too little time to adapt to such a radical change.


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