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Exploring The Health And Wellness Benefits Of Hemp-Based CBD Oil

Hemp-based CBD can be a viable alternative for those who are tentative about trying cannabis products or live in a state where they cannot purchase these products. Following is a conversation with Steven Saxton, the founder and CEO of Green Gorilla about his line of high-end CBD products.

What was the impetus for creating Green Gorilla?

Green Gorilla was created and developed as a brand for the emerging legal hemp and cannabis industries. I discovered hemp based pure CBD and witnessed miraculous results on some fatally ill dogs. We decided to initially launch the Green Gorilla brand with a high-end CBD line under the brand Hemp & Olive. We raised enough capital developed some amazing organic CBD products and now are marketing the brand both nationally and internationally, while navigating the numerous mine fields the industry is facing.

What distinguishes Green Gorilla from other companies manufacturing CBD products?

Photo courtesy of Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla is committed to not only setting the bar but creating the bar for the industry in terms of quality, purity, process and manufacturing standards and compliance. We have sourced and continue to source the highest quality ingredients that can be obtained. Our CBD Isolate is 99+% pure with no THC. Along with requiring Certificates of Analysis from our CBD supplier ensuring that purity, we also have a third-party lab test the CBD to independently confirm that analysis prior to using the CBD in any of our products. Our extra virgin olive oil has been Certified Organic to USDA NOP standards and contains some of the highest polyphenol content available in the market. Our GG BioEnhanced Complex is a proprietary blend of Certified Organic botanicals, extracts and essential oils scientifically blended and formulated to fully maximize bio-availability of the CBD. Our blend has been uniquely developed and formulated to meet Green Gorilla’s exacting standards for efficacy, quality and purity.

All of our products are manufactured and produced at an FDA registered facility. While CBD has not yet been categorized by the FDA, producing at an FDA registered and compliant facility ensures that all cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) are met and maintained. Following FDA and cGMP guidelines requires the utmost in quality, cleanliness and handling in all aspects of the manufacturing process

What are the health benefits of virgin olive oil?

The FDA has stated that taking olive oil daily may reduce the risk of heart disease “due to its monosaturated fat content.” Extra virgin olive oil also contains polyphenols which act as antioxidants, reducing the oxidative stress throughout your body. A small amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are also present in extra virgin olive oil, which are essential for brain health. Vitamin E (also known as tocopherols), which is great for skin health, is also found in extra virgin olive oil. Many other health benefits associated with the consumption of extra virgin olive oil have been discovered.

How do people use your oil?

Hemp & Olive Supplement Oils are for oral use, being the best delivery system. As an amazing bonus the oils are sugar free and can also be enjoyed for skin care topical application.

How can people figure out which concentration they should purchase?

Figuring out which concentration to use is personal choice. People use Green Gorilla products for a variety of reasons, health issues and lifestyle choices among other things. What works for one person for one issue may not be the same for another person with the same issue. As a dietary supplement, we can only suggest or guide a standard quantity and strength to take. It is also the reason our products come in concentrations of 150mg, 600mg, 1,500mg, 3,000mg and 7,500mg. This allows the consumer to make their own choice.

Explain the significance of the certificates Green Gorilla has received.

An FDA registered facility ensures cGMP standards.  Only working with USDA NOP Certified Organic ingredients and producing products that meet their standards ensure that the “USDA Organic” symbol we use is there because we comply with the rigorous standards required to label our product with that symbol. Further, we use the “Lab Tested” symbol as both our incoming raw materials and ingredients as well as final finished products are fully analyzed and results certified by a third-party independent laboratory. We also are vegan, gluten free, sugar free, Non-GMO, 100% natural and cruelty free as we fully meet the standards or comply with all regulations necessary and requi.

Why did you branch into offering CBD oil for pet and horse care?

Cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoid receptor proteins are found throughout the mammalian central nervous system, which includes the brain and peripheral nervous system. Animals ranging from dogs and horses to gorillas may benefit from CBD supplements. Ideally the best delivery system for animals is oral, spraying on the gums (pet owners might find it easier to spray the oil on food).

What is your Master Grower line and when will that be available for consumers?

Master Grower is a complete line of organic crop management products, including nutrition and pest control, greenhouses and maintenance and harvest. Master Grower products are expected to launch in early 2018.


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