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Prince William Reveals The Dish He Loves To Cook

If you had to guess what a viral man such as the Duke of Cambridge likes to whip up in the kitchen, what would you say? 

Did you guess meat? Yes? If so, you’re right. It’s meat. Followed closely by more meat.

“I like a roast. So a bit of roast chicken or a steak,” said Prince William during a charity cook-off fundraiser for LandAid at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Hello! reports that Prince William also admitted to not being very good at cooking, and that he worries when he cooks steak, saying, “I get really worried about cooking it. I hate over-cooking steak,” adding, “I like it medium-rare, so quite alive.” So primal! So hot! Right, ladies?

One woman who is not exactly getting weak in the knees over raw steak is Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, who  is expecting the couple’s third child in April. It’s advised that pregnant women stay clear of undercooked meat, so Kate doesn’t get to indulge just yet, but we can only imagine this is what the Royal husband will be making for date night once that kid arrives.

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The good natured and always charming Royal even took a stab at the opposing team of chefs, who were tasked with cooking mackerel with citrus dressing.  “Someone told me this was a bake-off, not a mackerel-off,” he joked, according to Hello!. “I was expecting to get some chocolate cake.” 

It’s been well-documented that the Prince has a royal sweet tooth, especially when it comes to something called chocolate biscuit cake. It was his groom’s cake for his wedding in 2011.


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