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Florist Makes Wedding Weed Bouquets, Yes You Can Smoke Them

Picture this: your bridesmaids are walking down the aisle carrying one of those full, colorful bouquets and as soon as the wedding is over, they find a bathroom, a bush or a balcony, and light up the bouquet and smoke it. That’s right, their elaborate bouquet doubles as convenient-as-hell buds of cannabis that will get them happy, just in time for the reception.

Dream wedding right?

Bec Koop, a florist out of Denver (go figure) owns Buds & Blossoms, a flower shop whose specialty is wedding weed bouquets. “The motto is ‘Straight from your bouquet to your bowl,'” she told CNBC “You can literally take it out and smoke it.”

Koop, donned ‘Colorado’s first cannabis florist,’ had the idea while working at a dispensary and supplementing her income as a florist. One day after an event she had some extra red roses leftover, so she took them home, cut her own personal marijuana plant, wrapped the roses around a few buds and bam: ‘weed weddings’ was born.


Koop quickly realized that even in a legalized state like Colorado, there weren’t a lot of vendors and venues that catered to the canna-friendly community, so she did her research and pinpointed the places that would allow bud to be consumed on their property and the people that would provide the additional support: catering, photography, etc.

With $1,400 and a 30-plus page business plan, Koop started Buds & Blossoms.

Her first wedding was a little over two years ago and fittingly, took place on 4/20 with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Soon after, her little cannabud idea blossomed -she went from about six weddings in 2015 to over a dozen in 2016.

Don’t worry if you’re not looking to get hitched anytime soon. Koop’s services are extended to yoga outings, brunches and food and wine pairings. These events usually include a bud bar, you know, the typical wine bar’s hotter, and more down to earth’s sister.

However, be warned: running such an extravagant business does come with a lot of terms and conditions for clients: all the clients for any event have to supply the bud or else Koop would need a license to “sell” marijuana. Also, for weddings specifically, her prices range slightly higher than a traditional florist because maintaining the weed plant for a few extra days, does require some extra work.

Additionally, under Colorado law, you can’t transport more than 2 ounces of weed in a vehicle, so for yogas and brunches this isn’t too big of a problem but for a wedding with an extensive bud bar, this might cause some extra expenses because there will have to be several cars or several trips made to transport the bouquets and such.

All of the logistics aside, if you’re looking for a destination wedding or a bridal trip that doesn’t involve Aruba or Vegas, a trip to Colorado and a consultation with Bec Koop will have your next event lit.


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