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Former NJ Gov. Partners With Marijuana Edibles Company

New Jersey’s former Governor James Florio has joined the advisory board of Nuka Enterprises. It’s a big score for the Colorado-based company as they work to expand into the Garden State.

Floria will be supporting the company through his law firm, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Capelli, LLC.

Nuka’s 1906 cannabis edibles include artisanal chocolates for energy, arousal, sleep, relaxation and bliss.

“The people of New Jersey have recognized and acknowledged the importance of cannabis legalization as a medicinal, social justice and economic issue, and that the time for responsible change has come,” said Florio in a statement. “I am proud to be partnering with Nuka who have been recognized for their safe, innovative and progressive approach to the cannabis edibles market. I also believe in Peter Barsoom, Nuka’s founder and CEO, who is a New Jersey native and a thought leader in the industry, promoting responsible consumption of legal cannabis in a regulated market that protects the consumer.”

Peter Barsoom, CEO of Nuka Enterprises, says it’s an honor to be working.

“This is an exciting time of economic growth in New Jersey, which has the potential to be totally transformative for cannabis legislation and regulation,” said Barsoom. “New Jersey is the home of so many highly-regulated industries, including pharmaceutical and biotech, and robust research institutions. We’ve got incredible resources and models, and we have executive support across all branches of government–our governor and both leaders of the the legislative branch. This is our opportunity to get this right–to get social justice right, to get research right, to get the consumer experience right–and when we do, we will set best practices and standards for the entire world.”

Florio joins a list of other politicians joining the Green Rush.

Former House Speaker John Boehner and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld are both board members of Acreage Holdings,  a cannabis business that aims to “make cannabis available to any patient who can benefit from safe and reliable access.”

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