Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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German National Police Group Advocates To Decriminalize Marijuana

A national organization representing German police believe cannabis and its consumption should be decriminalized throughout the country.

André Schulz is the head of the Association of German Criminal Officers (BDK). The organization includes around 15,000 police detectives and Schulz said the group wants a “complete decriminalisation of cannabis consumers.”

Schulz believes that criminalizing marijuana stigmatizes consumers and that it “allows criminal careers to start.” Speaking with German tabloid Bild, Schulz also stated that he doesn’t think Germany’s national ban on cannabis will last much longer.

The prohibition of cannabis has historically been seen as arbitrary and has not yet been implemented in an intelligent and effective manner. In the history of mankind there has never been a society without the use of drugs; this is something that has to be accepted.

Since last March, medical patients can acquire medical marijuana through their doctors in the country. However, German officials have stated they have no intention to make the drug recreationally legal.

“If we want to deal with the problem of the illegal market we need to legalise and responsibly regulate the production and supply of cannabis and other drugs as well, and there are many police forces making that argument,” Schulz said.

“It’s time for the Government in the UK to listen to those voices in the police and other experts and begin a meaningful debate on legalisation in the UK as well.”


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