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5 Cannabis Products That Are Perfect For Date Night

Cannabis, in all its shapes and forms, can really spark up your love life. The cannabis industry has developed all kind of sweet treats that are ideal for breaking the ice on a first date or having some fun sex with a long-time partner. All of these products are super fun because, well, you’ll see. Check out this short list of products that’ll lead to the best date night ever:

Foria Awaken

Photo courtesy of FORIA Pleasure

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Foria is a company that makes cannabis infused lubes, and Foria Awaken is their latest product which contains CBD instead of THC. The best part is that this product can be shipped anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything illegal if you’re living in a state where cannabis isn’t legalized. Boo.

Love Potion #420

While it sounds like some cocktail that James Bond would drink, this potion is legit and it’s designed to put you in the mood for sex. It’s a tincture that can be added onto any beverage, and a lot of people swear by it, claiming that it’s improved their sex life. Love Potion is like Viagra but universal, and also natural. Which is so awesome.

Marijuana Silicone Cake Pan

#marijuanacake #birthdaycake

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This amazing cake pan in the shape of a marijuana leaf is a cool choice for spending a date night at home. You’ll get to bake a giant pot brownie that’ll make you want to laugh and have sex. 

Weed Deluxe Card Game

Llevo toda la noche plantando hierba! #nochedejuegos #entreamigos #plantandohierba #weedcardgame #ibiza

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Games are also pretty fun for a date. It gives you something to do, which will ease away any tension you may have if this is one of your first dates and it’ll probably make you laugh. The game is fun and is the perfect partner to a pot brownie or a joint.

VIDA Lotus Bath Bomb

? ? #lush #lotusbathbomb #bubblebath #unwind

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These sexy bath bombs are gorgeous and we all know that there’s nothing more romantic than a bubble bath. Especially a pink one. The bath bomb contains both CBD and THC, which means that you’ll be relaxed no matter what.


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