Social Media Campaign Asks Marijuana Patients To ‘Be Brave For Cannabis’

Women are hoping to reinforce a sense of community.

social media campaign
Photo by Atypeek/Getty Images

A social media campaign in Michigan is asking medical marijuana patients to share their experiences through various platforms. The effort is to raise awareness and reduce negative associations with the plant, showcasing the beneficial impact it’s made on some individuals lives.

The campaign was organized by three women-owned businesses in Michigan. Patients were asked to use the hashtags #bebraveforcannabis or #bettertogether. Because of the lingering national stigma surrounding cannabis, many patients fear speaking out about their cannabis usage for fear of judgment or recourse from work.

“Once people are able to talk about their medical marijuana use, they often find community and support,” said Roberta King, co-founder of Canna Communications. “We hope the campaign will help reinforce a sense of community.

Here are a few of the encouraging responses:

“[Michigan] has the second largest medical marijuana patient registry in the country, yet many elected officials don’t realize it, because not enough people are coming out and sharing the stories about how it has changed their lives,” said Canna Media Works’ Jamie Cooper. “Many times it’s due to fear of legal issues or being judged by family and friends. In order for this to change, we have to speak up and present a unified voice.”

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