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How To Use Cannabis Roots And Why You’ll Love Them

Like many of the best things in nature, plants have a lot of parts that can be used for a wide variety of things. Cannabis is no exception, with each part of the plant having the ability to be used to our advantage. We all know and love the benefits that the flower offers, but many don’t know all the benefits that the cannabis roots have.

Here are 5 things that the cannabis root has to offer for the health of your body: 

It Can Be Used As Medicine

While the roots of cannabis have been largely ignored by the research conducted on the marijuana plant, history claims that the root has a lot of medicinal purposes when it comes to pain relief and menstrual cramps. In india, cannabis roots were boiled and utilized to treat pain relief for hemorrhoids and rashes. Research from 2002 claims that these hemp roots can also help women with menstrual cramps or with more serious conditions such as postpartum hemorrhage and in women with retained placentas.

Anti-Cancer Properties

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The cannabis root has been linked to apoptosis, the phenomenon where cells stop growing, and of halting the growth of colon cancer cells in laboratory studies. Cannabis roots also contain pentacyclic triterpene ketones, which are fat soluble molecules that have been connected to apoptosis in other laboratory models.

It Has Lots Of Nutrients

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The roots of the plant contain the precursors of THC and of raw cannabinoid acids, which are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-nausea. The root also contains trace amounts of choline which benefits our liver, nerve, and brain health.

Can Be Used In Teas 

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If you boil the root, you can brew a powerful tea that will probably be a little bitter. By adding coconut oil or milk, you can create a lighter tasting tea that’ll be more flavorful. Also, the fat in the oil or milk will help the plant release the terpenes that lie dormant within the root. You can also create powders by drying the root and grinding them, which could be added onto foods, drinks or put in capsules.

You Can Use It As A Topical

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Researchers claim that the root is good for treating rashes, inflammation, and abrasions, so you can boil the root or make a powder of it and apply it onto your skin.


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