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How Does Marijuana Influence Your Anxiety?

Marijuana can produce different feelings, from giggles to intense anxiety. Your genes, the type of strain you consume and dosage are all important factors.

Marijuana is a stress relieving property for many, allowing people to feel relaxed and uninhibited, like a giant weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Curiously, cannabis is also a common anxiety inducing substance. So how does marijuana influence your anxiety?

Paranoia and anxiety are two of the most popular negative side effects of marijuana, to a degree where these kinds of experiences keep a lot of people from regularly using the drug. Luckily, the degree of anxiety that marijuana produces can be managed through several factor;  your mindset, the kind of marijuana you consume and dosage all play a part.

While there are many perks and therapeutic benefits of THC, research shows that it’s the compound most associated with anxiety. THC is responsible for that “high” feeling we all associate with marijuana use, while CBD has been shown to block the paranoia and anxiety effects of THC. If you’re someone who’s concerned over feeling anxious, choosing the right strain is key.

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Officially speaking, there’s three major kinds of strains: indica, sativa and hybrids. After many years of crossbreeding marijuana plants, these labels feel a bit outdated. The majority of strains are hybrids, with a sativa or indica slant. Scientists need to dive deeper into this topic, but anecdotal evidence says that indica dominant strains provide a “body-focused” high. This means that they are less cerebral and less likely to produce anxiety.

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Dosage is also key, particularly with people who are inexperienced with marijuana or are trying out a new method or strain. Start off slow if you’re trying anything new, giving your body some time to experience the effects of the drug before taking another hit.

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Cannabis affects everyone in different ways, with gene variations playing a big part in how bodies process this kind of stimulus. There might be drastically different reactions from people smoking the same batch of weed, with some feeling giggly, anxious or introspective.

In order to prevent anxiety bouts, the best thing you can do is try to control the factors. Speak with your budtender and ask for an indica dominant strain or something with a manageable THC content. When trying out marijuana for the first time or trying out a new method, be sure to do so with someone you trust or in a setting that’s safe and comfortable for you.


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