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What You Should Know About Crossfaded Highs

Crossfaded highs are known for their dizzying, nauseating and disorienting effects. They might even facilitate weed induced panic attacks.

Crossfaded highs are terrible, but fortunately they’re pretty easy to avoid. In the simplest of terms, crossfaded highs occur when you’re both high and drunk. Just like it sounds, it’s not fun.

While crossfaded highs can be entertaining for some people — like the moment where you’re drunk but not black out drunk — for the large majority, this isn’t the case. Crossfaded highs are known for their dizzying, nauseating and disorienting effects. They might even facilitate weed induced panic attacks.

Some medical experts also think that there’s actual dangers to crossfade highs. Marijuana produces an antiemetic effect, making it harder for people to vomit. While this is helpful for medical marijuana, when paired with alcohol, vomiting is one of the most efficient and straightforward ways of purging the body of excess alcohol the liver can’t process, preventing alcohol poisoning.

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It’s not understood why this phenomenon happens and why combining these two different substances creates such a strong reaction within our bodies, which is why the most effective way to prevent crossfaded highs is to avoid mixing heavy drinking and smoking. Still, sometimes all you need is to have a couple of beers and a puff of marijuana before you go off the crossfaded deep end.

What Are Crossfaded Highs And How To Avoid Them
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When faced with one of these highs, the best thing you can do is to stay calm and nurse yourself out of your drunken stupor, which is the part that could lead to some health risks. Find a friend that you trust and who can care for you, stay hydrated and wait it out. Sleeping it off is also effective, since it’s one of the simplest ways of coping with too much alcohol and marijuana in your system. Just, you know, good luck falling asleep.

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The most effective way to avoid crossfaded highs is to choose a substance for the night and stick to it. If it’s a weed night, keep the alcohol locked away and vice versa. If you’re out partying and consuming alcohol, try to resist the urge to toke up when a friend offers.


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