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Infusing Drinks With Cannabis Drops

For those like to drink in their cannabis but don’t like the taste of cannabis or the slightly oily residue often left behind when using oil-based cannabis tinctures, welcome to the world of water soluble cannabis drops. They are a clear liquid with no taste that can be added into coffees, teas, sodas, water, beer, ciders, cocktails, or mocktails without disrupting the texture or taste.

Water Soluble CBD Drops

Southern Oregon based East Fork Cultivars has been one of the leaders if creating Water Soluble CBD (WSC). This represents the byproduct of four years of R&D to create a highly bioavailable, water soluble, shelf stable CBD. They developed the perfect blend of their USDA certified organic craft hemp extract with just three other ingredients: vegetable glycerine, spring water and lemon extract.

CBD affects people differently depending on their individual endocannabinoid receptors. It is also biphasic, which means that it can have very different effects depending on the dosage. At very small doses, CBD can make one feel slightly more awake and focused, while at larger doses, it can make one feel lightly sedated. This means that every person will need to do a little experimentation to figure out what their own ideal dose range is. Start out with about 10 mg per serving and then work up (or down) from there.

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Currently, water soluble CBD drops can be found as an add-in at tea houses, coffee houses, and brewpubs. For example, in Portland, Oregon. East Fork Cultivar’s CBD drops are available at Townshend’s Teahouses and Coalition Brewing. At Townshends, those 18 and over can add a shot of CBD to their tea or kombucha beverage.

Certified Hazy IPA is a beer that represents a collaboration between Coalition Brewing and East Fork Cultivars, is a celebration of cannabidiol education and a nod to East Fork’s profound education initiative, CBD Certified. Over the past year, East Fork Cultivars has been delivering comprehensive CBD education via CBD Certified to thousands of cannabis and hemp professionals, the general public, and to CBD leaders like Coalition Brewing.

For those who like to add a shot of CBD to their drinks at home, East Fork’s one ounce CBD drops are available at any New Seasons Market location with plans to make these drops available for sale online.

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As the CBD market continues to explode, expect to see a massive rise in these drops available at tea houses, coffee shops, brew pubs, and retail outlets, as well as available for purchase online.

Water Soluble THC Drops

While all the buzz appears to be centering around CBD drinks, there are those who would prefer a shot of THC in their beverage. Here companies like SōRSE Technology have designed products like Pearl2O, a THC/CBD “creative water” used to infuse drinks at home.

Be mindful that products containing alcohol and THC cannot be sold at any brewpub, tea house, coffee houses or grocery stores. However, they can be purchased at a dispensary in those states where recreational cannabis is legal.


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