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Michigan Will Train You For A Medical Marijuana License

Newcomers looking to enter the cannabis industry require further education of the nuances and laws of doing business with cannabis. Without the proper foundational infrastructure in place, any business is liable to fail. This is true, too, inside the cannabis industry, but with possible legal ramifications should rules not be followed.

Now, the state of Michigan is giving possible cannabis entrepreneurs the training necessary to compete in the industry. Over the month of November, the state will host five educational sessions for those interested. The locations are mostly scattered across the state, from Farmington Hills to East Lansing and Traverse City, locals should have an opportunity to visit at least one session.

According to the Detroit Free Press, The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will show attendees the steps to applying for a license and how the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system—i.e. how medical marijuana transform from plants to processed product—works.

This should help those interested in applying for the five types of licenses the state will award business. They include growing, transporting, retail selling, testing, and retail selling. Those interested can submit applications starting Dec. 15. Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board will award licenses in early 2018.

Those interested in applying for licenses should visit here to attend the free sessions.



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