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Is Dank Marijuana Right For Me?


Cambert, limburger, raclette, are among the most fragrant cheeses. Uniquely aromatic broccoli, fish oil, truffles, and Andouilette de Troyes/chitterlijngs all have a following among the food crowd.  And in the cannabis world, you have dank marijuana.

To the canna curious or canna newbie, you might not know what dank is and are highly curious, well it is the more pungent of the marijuana options. Dank is sticky and slightly moist, when you are first introduced, you discover a distinct smell that registers in your mind. It is chill, whether indica, sativa or somewhere in between.

Like other odiferous foods, it can be an acquired taste, but some marijuana consumers are HUGE fans – not unlike the craze around truffles.


Photo by Flickr user Dank Depot

Science News shared study conducted by cannabis industry researchers which confirmed marijuana contains sulfur. And like eggs, a little goes a long way. But for connoisseurs, that is part of the use journey and a sign of true authenticity.

Dank weed is cured perfectly, retaining the plants humidity and stickiness. When lightly squeezed, it should emit a smell uniquely. out of this world. Dankness means heady buds that don’t crumble when broken apart and don’t tear like a flimsy branch either. Dank is not exclusive to cannabis flower, fragrant cannabis concentrates and extracts can also be dank.  But, vape pens, topicals, and edibles are not dank because they don’t emit odor.

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There is now also dank beer. Cannabis and humulus (hops) are two types of the relatively small family of Cannabaceae, they basically are close cousins. Because of this, hops and some beers can have a strong dank smell which appeals to some beer drinkers.  It should also remind you of the relationship between the two.

cannabis smell terpenes
Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon / EyeEm/Getty Images 


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Dank is also a slang cannabis term that means excellent. If you are new and expanding your  marijuana experience, it could be worth a try to discover if you like it or at least have a base reference.  Showing the power and the following of dank, Amazon sells a car freshener with the smell!


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