Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For The Cannabis Lover

Why dress up as the predictable superhero or zombie, when you can show your cannabis pride with a Halloweed costume? It doesn’t mean you can’t wear a cape or a wig, or be sexy, or be funny — you can still do all that, but with a weed-themed outfit you can also make a statement. Whether you wear it to the office or to the school Halloween parade is up to you. We’ve showcased some of our favorites.

The Food Item


If your hot dog costume from last year was a little lame, take it up a notch and be a Baked Potato. Grandma may just see an actual baked potato—the green leaves are parsley-like, after all. But the bloodshot eyes are a dead giveaway that you’ll be ordering a pizza at 2:00 am.

The Flag Bearer


Not only can you display your allegiance to the Rastafarians, you can rock those horizontal stripes like nobody’s business. It’s all about Jah, and that’s all about love. This is as feel-good as a costume can get, mon.

The Caped Crusader


Some peeps feel like they’re not in costume unless they’re wearing a cape and a mask. Save the world from a high point of view! A few tokes and you’ll be impressing the crowd with your Christian Bale “Batman” voice.

The Cutest Couple


Impress (or annoy) your friends with this couple’s costume, straight out of a cheesy 1970’s sitcom: Dr. Bud Smoker and Nurse Anita Reefer. These are the medical experts you don’t want to see at your local dispensary.

The Last-Minute DIY


You finally scored an invite to that cool-friend-of-a-not-cool-friend’s Halloween party, and the costume rental shop only has Elvis and Melania Trump left. No worries! This DIY just requires some plastic sheeting and the grass clippings from your neighbor’s yard waste bin. High five!

The Green Goddess


The grass is not always greener on the other side, as evidenced by this full-coverage cannabis catsuit. Show more by showing less…dangerous curves ahead…the clichés are endless. How you’re going to pee in this when you’re in a hurry…we aren’t quite sure.


Photo via Cannabis Moon
Photo via Cannabis Moon

We do not know what’s happening here, and our guess is this dude doesn’t either. He seems happy, friendly, and content, and his costume is definitely weed-friendly, so we give him props! This also falls under last-minute DIY.

The Lazy and The Literal 


Don’t let this Halloweed costume go to your head. ‘Nuff said.


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