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Marijuana At Summer Concerts



The summer concert season has started and 25% of us will get their jam on over the next couple of months!  Millennials (36%) and Gen Z (32%) are making it a cornerstone activity.  Taylor Swift, the Boss, Lynyrd Skynryd and more will be on stage as millions are ready to dance to their favorite heady beats. Pop concerts are the most popular and most lucrative for concert promoters and stars. Outdoor summer concerts have been roaring back since Covid and people are flocking to them no matter what the ticket price.  The average cost on tickets have gone up and a Taylor Swift concert can set you back $1,500+ for an average seat. With potential travel, wardrobe and more it can be an expensive experience. But what about marijuana at summer concerts?

A majority of cannabis consumers believe marijuana enhances the quality of the music. The idea of being outdoor wrapped up in the music that dances lightly across you soul is undeniable. We have some tips.

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First thing to remember is the rules of the place and venue. While recreational marijuana is legal in 34 states, it isn’t in 16…know where you are. Live Nation is the largest concert company in the US and Canada. They clearly state items not permitted include weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs/substances, glass containers, cans, hard sided/large coolers, large or oversized bags/back-packs, laser pointers, animals (except service animals) and fireworks.

Why someone would bring an animal is a question, but it goes to how people think.  Edibles, oils and vapes are the easiest.  Guards could stop your pre-roll and trying to do a bong or bowl is just a lot of extra work.

Second, be considerate of the people around you. People have spent a lot of cash (or credit) to immerse themselves in the musical atmosphere and they may not want to have a surprise smell.  For your private journey, consider edibles, vaping, or oils. Super easy to bring in most things.  You can put it in a purse, pocket, Tic Tac container, disguised as gum, etc. Thanks to the big investment by cigarette companies, some vape pens interchangeable between cannabis and tobacco.

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Next, timing is everything. You don’t want to show up at security flying too high because it might lead to problems. Think of the timing and be ready for when the main show hits the stage.  For vaping, not a problem, for edibles, you need a bit more planning. And you don’t want to overindulge so you can enjoy the rhythm in your soul and craft a memory.

CBD Edibles Not All They Claim To Be
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The good thing with marijuana it tends to mellow you, so you can relax and just focus on the beat, the moment and the experience.  Have fun, be safe and enjoy the summer of music.


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