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You May Soon Be Able To Board A Marijuana Party Bus In Boston

Loopr, a Denver-based bus service designed specifically for cannabis consumers, wants to bring its “Puff Bus” experience to Boston. The company offers a “mobile cannabis lounge” in which cannabis lovers can enjoy the herb as the bus tours local dispensaries, hotels and bars.

According to the company’s website, the service is hoping to expand to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and “wherever else the American people choose to end prohibition.” In Boston Herald report, Loopr CEO Bryan Spatz said:

“Because Massachusetts is on a less aggressive schedule to launch recreational sales, we are not as far along in our planning there. I intend to begin reaching out to state and local officials to discuss our model and make sure we can bring the same safe, reliable transportation service that doubles as mobile cannabis lounges to Massachusetts as we have in Denver now and hopefully LA & LV in early 2018.”

On its website, Loopr boasts: “Besides using the biggest, baddest party buses loaded full of custom features for the ultimate cannabis experience, Loopr offers a unique network with curated routes that is fun, affordable and convenient for your transportation needs. … Aboard the bus, Loopr offers the opportunity to consume cannabis any way you choose in an ultra-comfortable multimedia environment with curated music videos and laser light shows stimulating the senses.”

Riders must first download the Loopr app and then purchase passes good for one day, three days, one week or one month. Once you have registered, the bus becomes your rolling social cannabis club. The bus makes scheduled, planned routes throughout the town.

Riders can’t buy marijuana while on the bus, but the Loopr has partnered with select on-the-route dispensaries that offer riders discounts on their choice products. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are available for sale inside the bus.

For a detailed FAQ, visit the Loopr site.

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