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Medical Marijuana Leads To Less Hospitalizations For IBS Patients

New data shows IBS patients who used marijuana experienced less hospitalizations and shorter visits compared to non-users.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a frustrating and isolating illness for many patients. One study estimates that up to 20% of Americans experience IBS, which is considered a chronic disease. Some patients have manageable symptoms and are able to proceed uninterrupted throughout their day. For others, the gastrointestinal disorder can lead to a poor quality of life. Research indicates those with IBS miss three times as many workdays as those without bowel symptoms.

Now, researchers at Rutgers University suggest in a new study that marijuana can help ease the suffering of patients with severe IBS symptoms. The study was presented online this week in an event organized by Digestive Disease Week — a conference to begin May 2 in Chicago but canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

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Researchers analyzed 2016 data of Nationwide Readmissions Database from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, comparing IBS patients who were cannabis users vs. non-cannabis users. Among non-cannabis users, all-cause 30-day readmission rates were 12.7%. In cannabis users, that figures was only 8.1%. The study also found cannabis use correlated with shorter hospital stays and overall lower hospitalization charges.

Medical Marijuana Is Booming Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic
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The study included 6,798 adult IBS patients, 357 of which were identified as cannabis users. The non-cannabis group had a mean age of about 53 years while marijuana users were about 36 years on average. Women were the primary gender in both cannabis users (62%) and non-users (81%)—which is expected, as IBS affects more women than men.

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There is no cure for IBS, but a 2005 report indicated that marijuana could provide future therapeutic potential for patients. Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies around how marijuana treats IBS. A 2015 medical survey found that 70% of IBS patients who used CBD experienced improved moods as a result. Before using CBD, participants reported an average pain score of seven. Following CBD use, the pain score dropped to four.


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