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New Twist Of The Beer After Work, Mondays Turning Marijuana

Switching to marijuana after work (especially earlier in the week) reduces calories, chills you out and doesn’t effect your work

Mondays are Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays are Mondays in disguise, so people head home, pop a cold one and relax.  But now the trend, as seen in California, is weed is replacing the wind down of choice in the earlier part of the week.  And for a variety of good reasons!  On Monday, people head home after work (or stay home in today’s work-at-home environment) and unwind from returning to the grind.  People tend to weekend, people pop a beer or three or have a glass of wine but know you see people taking a puff off of a vape pen. So the new twist of the ear after work? Monday turning marijuana!


Photo by Terry Vlisidis via Unsplash

Marijuana doesn’t effect work the next day

Unsurprisingly, marijuana use after work is better in this study. Research on the effects of alcohol on work performance are extensive and, when comparing data, the researchers found that heavy drinking after work negatively affected performance in more ways, including reduced productivity, bad attendance, inappropriate behavior, and poor working relationships with colleagues. They found there did not appear to be excessive negative effects on a person’s coordination the day after taking weed. It turns out that hangovers from alcohol are way worse than the next-day effects of cannabis.

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No Hangover

A few hits on the vape pen are much more easy to manage than a few beers.  Once the beer is open – you have to drink it, once you pour a glass of wine, well – you can’t just let it sit there.  But with a most cannabis, you can do a low dose and save the rest for another day. And it turns out that hangovers from alcohol are way worse than the next-day effects of cannabis.

And if you overindulge on a Monday, weed hangovers aren’t quite the same as those brought on by alcohol. And for many, weed hangovers tend to be more tolerable than alcohol-related ones.

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Lower calories

Marijuana contains a small number of calories when eaten raw. However, smoking or vaping weed is a zero-calorie consumption method. Edibles have the calories of the chosen vehicle (chocolate, gummy, beverage, etc).

What about the rest of the week?  By Wednesday, people are making plans and tend to go out to parties, restaurants, and bars.  The weekend is full of group activities, often is places were openly using weed is not the norm (weeding, sporting events, live performances, etc). The most popular day to eat out in the U.S. is Saturday. Second is Friday, third is Sunday. Monday is the slowest day for restaurants. Americans eat almost 30% of their meals away from home each year.


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