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Seth Rogen Live Tweets ‘Cats’ While High

Cats was released months ago, but everyone continues to be very confused by it. Including Seth Rogen.

Now that some of us have been at home for significant amounts of time avoiding contact with others and trying to stop ourselves from eating all of our snacks in one sitting, we have learned that entertainment is a prized commodity. We’re all so desperate that some have even resorted to watching Cats, one of the biggest and most puzzling box office flops of 2019.

Among those confused is Seth Rogen, who decided to rent the movie, get high and live tweet his experience.

Rogen made it clear that he had no knowledge of the original musical or the movie, only that it’s about a group of cats, that it stars a lot of famous people, and that it’s been the source of a lot of mockery.

People Are Getting High To See & Enjoy 'Cats'
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Cats, based on the super successful Broadway musical, has always been one of the most puzzling stories out there. Despite making millions of dollars on stages across the world and having some iconic songs, no one knows what it’s about. There are cats, there’s singing and that’s about it.

According to Broadway World, a Jellicle is the name of the tribe of this group of cats. A cat gang?

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Anyway, time passes, pandemics attack us, millions of movies are released, but Cats still remains as weird an inexplicable as ever. You can check out Rogen’s entire Twitter rant here.



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