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Shawn Mendes Says ‘I Love Weed,’ Fans Lose Their Damn Minds

Shawn Mendes recently came out of the closet—as a cannabis smoker. Rolling Stone published a revealing profile of the accurately described “neurotic teen idol,” where the singer-songwriter dished about rumors involving his sexuality and a past romance with Hailey Baldwin, a.k.a. Justin Bieber’s wife.

Though Mendes also addressed battling anxiety and touring with Taylor Swift, it was his newfound love of cannabis that has his fans flabbergasted.

“I love weed,” Mendes told the magazine. “I wouldn’t tweet that—not yet, at least—but it’s really good for me. When I’m home, I’ll smoke and then play guitar for seven hours.”

The article’s best quotes come when Mendes reveals how much he wanted to try shrooms in Amsterdam.  “I want to so badly,” he said. “I think it would help me a lot.” Whether Mendes opted not to try mushrooms because it could hurt “his squeaky-clean image,” however, was not divulged.

But maybe that isn’t far from the truth because some fans lost their minds upon hearing this news.


Others, however, were quick to defend Mendes.

Maybe try weed and playing guitar for seven hours? You might feel better.

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