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Should You Consume Marijuana Before Getting A Tattoo

Consuming marijuana before any activity can make things better. While large quantities of cannabis can make some people anxious, the majority of experienced cannabis users know their bodies well enough to prevent this from happening. But you never really know how you’ll be effected until you smoke and in what situation.  So, should you smoke marijuana before getting a tattoo?

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Smoking before getting ink can get complicated. While marijuana may relax you for a semi unpleasant experience, it might also make you more anxious and sensitive to pain. Having anxiety while someone’s punching a needle through your skin doesn’t sound like a walk in the park.

First the practical reasons.  Cannabis has blood-thinning properties. During a tattoo session, this can lead to increased bleeding, which may make it more challenging for the artist to implant the ink correctly, potentially affecting the quality and longevity of your tattoo.

Although some might think that cannabis could help manage the discomfort associated with getting a tattoo, it can actually heighten your sensitivity to pain. It’s also important to remember that pain is a vital signal that helps us understand if something is not quite right. Dulling this signal can complicate communication about your comfort levels with your artist.

Levi Moodie, owner and artist from The Drifter’s Ink, believes clients should be careful when it comes to cannabis and tattoos. He prefers to tattoo people who are sober, who are clear on their idea of the tattoo, and who really want it and won’t change their minds mid-session.

Moodie shares:

“Oftentimes, people who smoke marijuana go from being cautious, as they should be, to over-thinking their tattoos, flip-flopping on ideas, or their tattoo placement, and then when the needle hits the skin, they can potentially overthink the experience and get freaked out. I’ve seen it happen a few times.”

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While you shouldn’t smoke prior to getting a tattoo, you could definitely take advantage of marijuana’s healing properties afterwards. THC is a known anti-inflammatory agent, and it can help lessen soreness and pain during your skin’s recovery process.


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