Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Take The Ultimate Break With CBD-Infused Coffee And Brownies

For a truly chill afternoon break, consider adding CBD to one’s coffee and pastry routine. As David McNicoll, Owner & CEO of Dave’s Space Cakes, notes, “The delicious combo of coffee and brownies would certainly make anyone’s day just a little bit better!” Established in March 2014, Dave’s Space Cakes, is one of the first edible companies in Oregon, and they focus solely on making artisanal brownies.

For those looking to try this combo, McNicoll offers this suggestion. “The effects of CBD greatly vary for each individual. So going in with as few expectations as possible would be the smartest approach.”

Effects Of CBD Edibles

Andrew Aamot of Sträva Craft Coffee, a company that produces several varieties of CBD coffee, points to the health benefits of CBD. “Like a good night’s sleep, it is believed that CBD helps the body to reset and return to a more balanced state.” He adds, “The effects of CBD might best be thought of as resetting the body to a state of homeostasis, restoring balance and permitting the body to naturally function better. While research into the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) remains in its infancy, it is clear that a properly supplied ECS helps to ensure other key body systems perform properly, such as nervous system and inflammatory response.”

According to McNicoll, “Over the years, my customers have reported a large variety of benefits including pain relief, anxiety reduction, sleep aid, spasm control, and appetite enhance. Aamot has observed similar benefits. “Many consumers find that CBD helps them feel less anxious, and eases some of their aches and pains. The effects are achieved more effectively through routine consumption rather than binge consumption. For this reason, everyday rituals like a great cup of coffee, or snacking on a decadent brownie, are perfect ways to incorporate the right amount of CBD into daily routine.”

Advantages Of CBD Edibles

In Aamot’s comparison of THC and CBD edibles, he offers this reflection. “Unlike THC which produces a psychoactive effect, and should be moderated to each consumer’s physiology and preference, CBD works more ‘behind the scenes’ and consumers should look to consume a modest amount. Instead of a ‘high,’ consumers are likely to sense an easing of anxiety, dissipation of aches and pains, and an overall feeling of peace and calm. Many consumers of CBD do so as part of their daily wellness routines, finding that it helps to maintain balance in how they feel and function.”

As CBD edibles are made with hemp, they are considered legal and can be ordered online. Hence, these products work well for those who want to try the health benefits from these plants but they live in states where they cannot purchase legal cannabis.

Recommended CBD Coffee And Brownie Combination

Aamot recommends Sträva’s Restore, with 5mg of CBD per cup. “First and foremost it’s an exceptional coffee – a specialty grade Colombian bean roasted to bring out notes of rich chocolate and walnuts. And second, after one or two cups I find myself feeling alert and focused, and a bit less anxious. The next time you make brownies at home try adding two shots of espresso, made with Restore, to the batter to add an extra dimension of CBD and flavor to the treats.”

McNicoll suggests pairing a piping hot cup of coffee, would be their original flavor, Double Chocolate. “Our classic recipe is a flour-less chocolate cake, with a crisp and crunchy outer layer, and a smooth, moist almost truffle like center. The deep, rich dark chocolate flavor is cut perfectly by the sharp, bitter notes of a cup of black coffee or a creamy latte, creating the perfect ambiance to enhance your experience with CBD.”

Nichol’s recommends that Its very important for first time users to start gradually. “Figure out your own personal tolerance level when trying CBD products for the first time. CBD typically has a mild effect, however some people can be more sensitive than others. I would recommend starting with trying each product individually to figure out the best dosage for yourself before trying the coffee & brownie combo.”



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