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The 5 Most Creative Ways To Roll A Joint

Rolling joints is an art. Here are some tutorials of the most creative ones we found online.

If you’ve ever smoked a joint then you know that rolling one is not that easy. Even when you have the all the right tools and the best kind of paper, the only way to learn how to perfect the art is to practice. A lot. And that’s for your garden variety joint, which doesn’t ask for much except for some coordination.

The more that cannabis is embraced by the public, the more creative people get when it comes to making their own joints. If this sounds at all interesting to you, then get ready to learn some of the basics of creative joint rolling. It’s a trial and error experience and one that will consume a large amount of your time. Hopefully, you’ll at least get the respect of your friends.

Here are 5 creative ways to roll a joint, ranging from the basics to the truly crazy stuff:

The Classic

You can find thousands of videos of experts rolling joints, but most of them show off a technique that’s impossible to master when you’re a newbie. This video features David Bienenstock, author of a couple of marijuana books, and is the perfect tutorial for newbies due to several reasons: it’s basic and there’s nothing fancy going on. The joint is average sized and it doesn’t even ask for a filter. After a couple of tries, anyone interested will be able to master it.

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The Cone

Here’s when things get a little more complicated. In this video, a guy says that he’s rolling a “perfect” joint, and he means it. Cone joints are very popular and great for sharing, since they contain more weed than the average joint. They’re also harder to roll, which is where this tutorial comes in.

Homemade joints don’t come any better than this, having two filters, a decent cone shape and a channel than ensures that weed will burn out evenly. You might need a couple of hundred tries to achieve this but you’ll get there someday.

The Cross

The cross joint is the kind of joint you see in stoner movies or in like a frat party. This joint is not for the faint of heart, since when it’s built correctly you’ll basically be smoking from two joints at once. It demands the necessary tools for preparing separate two joints, a big and a small one, and also a needle. For a better and more thorough explanation, just watch the video and enjoy Seth Rogen’s handiwork.

The Tulip

The name of this joint should imply that there’s some arts and craft involved, and there is. The tulip joint asks for you to roll a joint, to paste a bunch of rolling paper together and to basically do some origami. The end result only sort of resembles a tulip, but hey, it’s still cool. There’s a bunch of tutorials out there on tulip joints, with some truly hideous results, but here’s one that’s kind of pretty.

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The Scorpion

While I’m sure there are infinite ways of rolling joints, the scorpion is the craziest one we found that actually had some video tutorials online. These clips aren’t as fun and as well produced as the previous ones, but they are insane, because someone is taking the time to make a scorpion out of paper and weed. Check it out.


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