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3 Popular Ways To Consume Marijuana Flower

The following are three of the most popular ways people consume cannabis flower, and how it can be done correctly. 

Cannabis flower remained the preferred choice of U.S. consumers in 2019, generating $768 million in sales from January through May 2019. 

A myriad of products continues to eat into its market share. Yet, flower outsold the second-highest selling product, vape cartridges, by $295 million. 

The following are three of the most popular ways people consume flower, and how it can be done correctly. 

Smoking From a Bong

Bongs are large pipes, often made of glass, which use water filtration to smoke ground cannabis. 

The flower sits in a bowl attached to the side of the bong in a separate chamber. When lit, the smoke travels down the glass chamber, passing through the water before emerging in the larger chamber. 

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With your mouth over the large chamber, torch the flower until you have your desired level of smoke. To inhale, depending on the bong, either slide the bowl out of its chamber, or remove your finger covering the hole (“carb”) in the pipe. 

Last, quickly inhale to consume the smoke. Be careful, the hit can be substantial for newcomers and people with lower tolerances.

Smoking From a Bowl

Bowls are handheld pipes often made of glass. While designs can become intricate, the process to smoking a bowl remains simple. 

a simple guide to packing and smoking a bowl of marijuana
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To start, pour the ground flower into the end that has a circular bowl shape. Pack the cannabis without it being so dense that it becomes difficult for the smoke to travel through the hole in the bottom. 

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Once packed to your liking, place your thumb on the carb, putting your mouthpiece to your lips. Then, torch the flower. The smoke will fill the chamber as it would a bong. Release your thumb off the carb when ready and inhale to consume your hit.  

Smoking a Joint

Joints are all-cannabis cigarettes, often made using rolling papers. There are several variations to rolling a joint. Regardless of how it’s prepared, the smoking process remains the same.  

To begin, light the joint, ensuring that there is an even burn around the perimeter. Then, take the mouthpiece to your lips without getting excessive saliva on the joint. Next, inhale until you’ve consumed the smoke you’d like. Be sure not to pull too hard, or you risk taking a jarring hit.

In most group smoking sessions, you’ll take two hits, ash the joint and then pass it to the next person. 


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