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Behold The Glass: The 7 Best Bongs on Instagram

Of all the ways to smoke weed, taking a big ol’ bong rip is probably the most efficient. The rush of smoke filling your lungs, the large smoke chamber, the relatively cool smoke temperature—the water pipes really do give you the best bang for your buck, as far as highs go. It should be noted they aren’t for everyone, novices especially. But if you’re a bong person, you should consider upgrading from your standard piece to something more elaborate, like any of the seven unique pipes below that we found on Instagram.

Snow Bong

Who says you need to actually buy a bong? Instead you can just wait for a big snow storm and make your own.


Elaborately Designed Bongs

Customizing your otherwise standard-looking piece is a great way to add some color to your smoking experience (and your home’s decor, if you don’t mind displaying it prominently). The designs on these three pipes should offer you some inspiration.

Scary Teeth Bong

If you really want something unique and have extra cash to spare, you could go with an entirely custom job, like the colorful and scary teeth below. Just don’t be surprised by its strong bite…


Test-Tube Looking Bongs

For the scientists out there who love to get blazed, why not invest in a bong that resembles a test tube?


Plastic Bottle Bong

This one is for the MacGuyver-like smokers out there. It proves that no matter how limited your resources, you can probably find something lying around that you can convert into a bong.

Hand Grenade Bongs

If you’re really looking to get “bombed,” you should get one of these bad boys.

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