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Dogs Of Instagram: The Bull Terrier

Here, we laugh and enjoy the most comical Bull Terriers of Instagram.

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week:...

This week's column has all you need, with one cat massaging another, a cat who speaks fluently, a really great dog meme, three Halloween dogs and one super lazy puppy.

Influencers Are Charging People To Be Their ‘Close Friends’ On Instagram

Instagram's Close Friends feature has acquired a functionality that wasn't intended when it was first proposed.

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week:...

This week's column features a pet duck, the sweetest cat ever, and a couple of adorable dogs — one with a great haircut and another that knows how to shop.

9 Social Media Hacks That Will Improve Your Feeds And Simplify...

Social media websites are simple enough to use, but there are some hacks that can make your timeline cleaner and more pleasant.

5 Ways To Spot Fake Instagram Followers

Fake social media accounts are incredibly popular and cost businesses large amounts of money. Here are some tips that can help you spot them.

Weedstagram: ‘Highly Devoted’ Connects Cannabis Enthusiasts With Potential Romantic Partners

Promoted as a matchmaking site that also sells products and conducts events, Highly Devoted  appears to do a little bit of everything.

4 Ways To Prevent Your Electronic Devices From Eavesdropping

Plenty of devices require access to your phone's microphone to work. While companies like Facebook claim to not listen to you, there's no way of being 100% sure.

Weedstagram: ‘Budding Mind’ Is An Account For People Who Are Looking...

Budding Mind is a great account to follow if you're looking for something positive and that takes marijuana seriously.

Oh, Goody! More Ads Are Coming To Instagram

Facebook has plans to increase monetization for Instagram, their most popular app. Here's what users can expect.