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Weedstagram: ‘Women Grow’ Wants To Get More Women Involved In The...

Women Grow is an organization that wants to make cannabis interesting for women, all with the help of beautiful art, while highlighting fun and educational events.

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week:...

This week's column features a majority of dogs, including a confused puppy, a dog who's very happy to be receiving a massage and a strange looking pug. There's also a very chipper hamster who'll brighten your day.

Prince William Says He’s ‘Allergic’ To This Annoying Instagram Trend

Prince William loves a lot of things: a bloody steak, his wife, a good beat, and his newly shorn head. But one thing he dislikes so much he refuses to oblige fans when they ask for this.

Weedstagram: ‘Devil’s Lettuce Photography’ Tries To Change People’s Perceptions About Cannabis

The account steers clear of stoner culture and memes, only showing cannabis as a simple plant in its natural environment.

Dogs Of Instagram: Great Dane

With a stature measuring up to 32 inches tall and a weight exceeding 175 pounds, adopting a Great Dane is a serious commitment. It's no wonder the breed is referred to as the "Apollo of Dogs".

Weedstagram: If You’re Serious About The Cannabis Industry You Should Follow...

This week's column features the Academy of Cannabis Science, one of the country's first cannabis colleges that's run in partnership with Seattle Central College and UNLV.

Dogs Of Instagram: Dachshund

Commonly known as a wiener dog or sausage dog, with its long-backed body and low silhouette, the dachshund is one of the more lovable purebred dogs.  

Weedstagram: ‘Dankshire’ Is The Best Combination Of Weed And Cool Photography

Marijuana, in the hands of the right photographer, makes for some really awesome images, which is what @dankshire_ is all about.

Weedstagram: If You Love Bongs And Beautiful Things, This Is Your...

Illadelph has an extremely pleasing Instagram that shows off the most beautiful and surreal glass bongs.

Weedstagram: ‘National Joint League’ Is The Perfect Instagram Account For Joint...

This is the perfect account for someone who appreciates the craft and work it takes to make creative handmade joints.