5 Tips That Can Make You Into A Better Photographer

Apps like Instagram and Snapseed are helping us play around with our images so we can achieve really cool results, but there’s always more you can learn.

Hulu Partners With Famous Instagram Egg To Raise Mental Health Awareness

Instagram's most famous egg made a reappearance last weekend in order to shed a light on the pressures of social media and the toll it takes on your mental health.

Facebook Plans On Merging Messenger, WhatsApp, And Instagram

No matter Facebook's intentions, it's tough not to read this move as a way of keeping us even more attached to their site, with every passing day making social media a requirement instead of a hobby.

Following This Instagram Account Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

It's an account that will make you happy, while also taking a toll on your productivity, so you should definitely factor that in before you tap the follow button.

This Picture Of An Egg Just Beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record

Egg Gang, an Instagram account with just one post, uploaded the picture that broke Kylie Jenner's record with Instagram users liking a picture of an egg 32 million times.

5 Tips To Help You Take Better Selfies

Despite the fact that we spend a good amount of our time taking pictures of ourselves, a good-looking selfie is not that easy.

VOTE: Which Of These Christmas Light Displays Is Most LIT?

Each Saturday leading up to Christmas, we will feature nine holiday light displays we think are particularly worthy of Instagram fame. From your desktop, vote for your favorite!

VOTE: Which Of These Christmas Light Displays Is Your Fave?

Each Saturday over the course of the next three weeks leading up to Christmas, we will be featuring nine holiday light decorations we think are particularly worthy of Instagram fame.

9 Unusual Pets Dressed In Their Best Holiday Outfits

From hedgehogs, rats and rabbits to snakes, ducks and hairless cats, these unique pets are dressed in their Christmas best, whether they want to be or not.

Dab Melt Videos Are The Latest To Join The ASMR Craze

What makes these videos so appealing is the burning process of the resin, which bubbles up smoothly and in a satisfying way, resulting in a melt shot that looks like a Darren Aronofsky directed short.